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Gender: M Meaning of Vitus: "life" Origin of Vitus: Italian

No-no appelation of a child saint and martyr whose name is a term for the nervous condition known as Saint Vitus' Dance.

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Famous People Named Vitus

Saint Vitus, 4th century Sicilian martyr; patron of dancers
Vitus Jonassen Bering, Danish explorer for Russia
Vitus Pichler, Austrian Jesuit canonist and writer
Vitus Georg Tönnemann, German Jesuit confessor to Charles VI
Vitus "Veit" Bach, ancestor of German composer J.S. Bach and family

Pop Culture References for the name Vitus

"Vitus," 2006 Swiss film and its main character

Vidal, Vitas

Vitus's International Variations

Wit (Polish) Vit (Czech) Veit (German)