Greek, variation of Xanthos

Xanthus Origin and Meaning

The name Xanthus is a boy's name meaning "golden-haired".

Usually spelled XANTHOS, this alternate name for APOLLO has a noble sound (pronounced ZHAN-thos) and can always be shortened to Xan.

Famous People Named Xanthus

  • XanthusGreek philosopher
  • Xanthusancient Turkish logographer who wrote a history of Lydia
  • Xanthus PagniniusDominican, philologist and Biblical scholar
  • Xanthus Russell SmithAmerican artist
  • Xanthushorse of Achilles in Greek mythology

Xanthus in Pop Culture

  • Feminine equivalent: Xanthe
  • Xanthus is the name of Aristotle Bolt's mansion in the book and film "Escape to Witch Mountain"