Thor Origin and Meaning

The name Thor is a boy's name of Norse origin meaning "thunder".
Thor, the powerful name of the Norse god of thunder, strength and rain, would make a bold statement. Long a comic book staple, Thor has now invaded the big screen, and could land on birth certificates as well.

Thor Heyerdahl was a famous Norwegian anthropologist/adventurer, author of the book Kon Tiki.

In Norse mythology, Thor was the son of Odin--another crossover name possibility--who was sometimes referred to as Bjorn in Old Norse poetry. Tor is a popular variation (which is also the Hebrew name of a bird that symbolizes the arrival of spring).

Thor Popularity

20 Names Similar to Thor

Lists containing Thor

Famous People Named Thor

  • Thor HeyerdahlNorwegian explorer
  • Thor FreudenthalFilm director
  • Thor FieldsAmerican actor and guitarist

Thor in Pop Culture

  • ThorNorse god of thunder
  • Thorsuperhero in Marvel's "Thor" and "The Avengers" series, based on the god
  • Thormain character of anime/manga "Jyu,Oh,Sei" (Planet of the Beast King)
  • Thor Lundgrencharacter in the TV show "Nurse Jackie"

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