Blu Origin and Meaning

The name Blu is a boy's name meaning "blue".

Blu is a new (nu?) spelling of an increasingly popular color name, also spelled Blue and Bleu. Blu is the spelling used for one of the Waldrop sextuplets.

Blu Popularity

Famous People Named Blu

  • Blustage name of Johnson Barnes, American rapper
  • Sky Blustage name of Skyler Austen Gordy, American rapper of duo LMFAO
  • Bear Blu Jarecki (b. 2011)son of actress Alicia Silverstone
  • Blu Wellington Waldrop (b. 2017)son of Eric and Courtney Waldrop; one of the sextuplets featured on the TLC show “Sweet Home Sextuplets”
  • Atlas Blu Klamer (b. 2016)son of singer Jonny Blu and actress Jacqueline Piñol

Blu in Pop Culture

  • Blublue macaw in animated movie "Rio"
  • Blublue dog in Brazilian comic "Monica's Gang"