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Gender: F Meaning of Pepper: "berry" Origin of Pepper: English from Latin

Parents are beginning to scan the whole spice shelf for inspiration, picking up on Saffron, Sage, and Cinnamon -- and opening up a chance for this spiciest possibility of all; used for peppy TV characters.

Famous People Named Pepper

Pepper, ring name of Cynthia Peretti, American pro wrestler
Pepper Hall (b. 2012), daughter of actress Moon Bloodgood and director Grady Hall
Addie Pepper Nicholson Crawford (b. 2016), daughter of celebrity chef Lynn Crawford

Pop Culture References for the name Pepper

Pepper Anderson, main character on TV's "Police Woman"
Virginia "Pepper" Potts, character in Marvel comics and films
Pepper Ann Pearson, main character on animated TV series "Pepper Ann"
Heidi "Pepper" Steiger, from Australian TV soap "Neighbours"
Pepper Friberg, archangel in the Hush Hush series
Pepper Brooks, minor character in the movie "Dodgeball"
Peppa Pig, British animated TV series and its main character
Pepper, orphan girl in the musical "Annie"
Pepper, puppy in the "101 Dalmatians" films
Pepper, lovely and sweet character from "American Horror Story: Asylum" and "American Horror Story: Freakshow"
Pepper Clark, character in animated TV series "Littlest Pet Shop"
Pepper Small, character in 2011 film "Inside Out"
"Pepper Dennis," TV show and its main character
Pepper, main character in webcomic "Pepper&Carrot"
Mrs. Pepper, pepper character from "Blue's Clues"
Dr. Pepper, brand of soda

Pepper's International Variations

Piper (Romanian) Biber (Turkish) Pilipili (Swahili) Koshoo (Japanese) Peppar (Swedish)