Gender: Female Meaning of Lydia: "woman from Lydia" Origin of Lydia: Greek Lydia's Popularity in 2019: #94

Lydia Origin and Meaning

The name Lydia is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "woman from Lydia".

Lydia is a very early place name, that of an area of Asia Minor whose inhabitants are credited with the invention of coinage and of having strong musical talent—as well as great wealth.

Although mentioned in the New Testament (Lydia was the first European convert of Saint Paul), it didn't really emerge as a viable first name until the eighteenth century, promoted via the character of Lydia Languish in Sheridan's popular 1775 play The Rivals, and the youngest of the Bennett girls in Pride and Prejudice.

Lydia continued to be a literary favorite, found in the novels of George Eliot and D. H. Lawrence. And there's also the iconic Groucho Marx ditty: "Lydia the Tattooed Lady."

Lydia is rising in popularity and is increasingly appreciated for its history and haunting quality. Cute nickname: Liddy or Lydie.

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Rank in US: #94

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Famous People Named Lydia

Pop Culture References for the name Lydia

Lidie, Liddie, Lyda, Lidya

Lydia's International Variations

Lidija, Lida, Lydie, Lidiya, Lidia (Russian)


caramel107 Says:


I used to not like this, but now it's grown on me and now I really love it.

thestrangeandunusualgirl Says:


I wasn't particularly a fan of the name at first, but now with "Beetlejuice: The Musical," and me being a theatre kid as well as someone who does consider herself to be strange and unusual, I've come to like my name a bit more.

oliviamcdonald Says:


Seriously considering changing my name to Lydia. Sounds similar to my name but so much less common.

RoseFlower Says:


Using this as a beautiful middle name for my gorgeous little girl; Ashton Lydia Martin <3

seafoamxox Says:


A girl I know is named Lydia and her sister is Daisy. I think that's such a pretty and cute sibset.

Daiseymae Says:


I love this name! My great-aunt was named Lydia, and she went by Lyddie.

danirose01 Says:


My childhood best friend was named Lydia... at the time I had only heard of one other with the name, so I always thought it was much rarer than it actually was. Everyone always complimented her on her name, especially older people. Not once did she use Lyddie, people usually called her Lyd or Lyds for short, which I'm not particularly fond of either.

funnybunny771 Says:


My 22 year old cousin's called Lydia Aoibheann (pronounced Eve-een). I REALLY don't like the name; I'm not sure why but it just sounds tacky to me. I love my cousin but I cannot stand the name. I also find that it is a weak name; maybe it is because of the character of Lydia in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, but I much prefer strong names. My cousin luckily doesn't like it either and goes mostly by Evie instead. I don't love that either though..

Ship In A Bottle Says:


In Ancient Atmoran it means "sworn to carry your burdens".

lmwri2 Says:


Beautiful. Unique. Your daughter will thank you later (it took me awhile to love it). It's Italian but has Biblical references so it could be considered Greek or Hebrew as well. I do get called "Lyd" and "Lyds" alot but I refuse to answer to "Liddie."

You can also spell it Lidia (more Italian I believe).

paulapuddephatt Says:


Love this name, so beautiful

Fictionprincess Says:


I absolutely ADORE this name. Lydia would be a very strong potential if I were to ever expect a daughter (: Lydia "Lydie" popularity or any negative associations would not phase me in the least. I love this name too much. I can definitely picture a daughter of mine being called this. Lydia with 1 or 2 siblings (:

ArtemisArtistic Says:


Lol this is my name, Lydia Elizabeth... My parents were going to name me Victoria though and now I wish they did. Victoria Elizabeth sounds so much more regal than Lydia Elizabeth. Always sounded so childish to me, like some prissy four year old with rich parents. My dad used to call me everything you could possibly think of, Litza, Switza, Liddy, and now I hate pretty much every nickname for my name except for Leo, one that some of my friends use, and Lyd, which is surprising since that's one my dad used.

amj Says:


Beautiful name, very elegant

WinterSolstice17 Says:


Lydia, the name of one of my favorite bands! Their album 'Illuminate' is quite possibly one of the most beautiful/amazing albums out there! The singer's voice is awesome too. I feel like the newer albums are to please the masses, so if you want to check it out, look for the'Illuminate' album. It's been years but I still listen to it often!

LV51sfan91 Says:


Wish DH liked this one as much as me! Nice alternative to Olivia!

66letters Says:


This is my great-grandmother's name and has always had a positive connotation that way. However, just the way the name sounds is so melodic and feminine. We would have definitely gone with Lydia for our daughter had we not been part of a community with a disproportionate amount of them around! I'd never heard it besides my great-grandmother until I moved to my husband's hometown, and could easily name 5 Lydias here.

indiefendi2 Says:


Popularity ruins names for me. I'm sorry but I can't like so much it if it's EVERYWHERE.

Eleri Gwenllian Says:


Lovely name, used by Jane Austen. Very elegant and very pretty, with class and history. Lydia Caroline is my favourite combo.

Haids1987 Says:


This was my great-grandmother's name and I love that it is in my family tree. It's a classic, lovely name that can grow with a baby girl.

lissrose30 Says:


I love this name. It has the right mix of everything, it is stylish but is also classic. I think the nickname Lydie is gorgeous.

cabosanmucus Says:


I don't know about that because Lydia is a place name so it literally means "from Lydia". Dark and beautiful probably isn't accurate.

thenameprincess Says:


I've seen on other sites that Lydia also means "dark and beautiful" anyone know how true that is?

Lena_Aline Says:


It's getting too popular!

thenameprincess Says:


I read on Wikipedia that Lydia means beautiful noble one, does anyone know how true that is?

Michaela Says:


I used to think Lydia was the prettiest name EVER. Now, not so much, but it still is a lovely, solid name.

Lena_Aline Says:


Agreed, but I still love the name.

georgiaO Says:


Ugh I just think this name is too overused.

hmg1204 Says:



Zelliew Says:


That's the only Lydia I've heard of

Catastroffy Says:


Lydia Bennet isn't really a positive connection.

lnxn09 Says:


I really try to like this one because it's so classic and has so much history but I just can't. I just don't care for the sound. I have a hard time with names that have a hard D sound.

lydia Says:


My name is Lydia and my brother is called Sidney so we are Lyddie and Siddy :D It was the name of a kingdom in ancient greek times which I love because I'm obsessed with those times

headintheclouds Says:


I used to absolutely hate the name Lydia- something about the Lyd- sound really bugged me. But it has since grown on me, and while I still don't quite like it, I've grown to appreciate Lydia objectively- I like that it's a vintage-y name that sounds fresh and almost new, and it rather sounds timeless IMO, like a Lydia could be of any age, from baby, to young woman and an older lady. There's also something about it that sounds lively and spunky, yet ladylike and elegant at the same time.

like_lena Says:


I fell in love with the name Lydia after hearing it on teen wolf. It is beautiful and classic. It is one of my favorites. I don't think that it needs a nickname but Lyd could be cute

gma Says:


my daughter is distinguish from Lynda..old name 40 yrs ago ..but she has grown into it...Llydie bug..Lilliput..these have stuck!

marythefourth Says:


I love this name, wish I could use it but we already have a Lia and they are too similar!

hollyannabell Says:


My sister is called Lydia and when she hit high school she got the nickname Lydia teapot or lydia Mouldy biscuit tin. It didm't realy stick as she's been just Lydia all her life but it was quite funny.

Leah3456 Says:


I like how this name sounds when you say it. One of my many favorite names.

madmaddie Says:


It's one of my favorite names, but I worry it's getting too trendy.

namergirl3 Says:


I really love this name, but I do worry about it being shortened to "Lyd". Makes me think of a hat. Lyddie is cute though.

AnonymousPerson Says:


I don't much like this's something to do with the "lid" syllable.

Guest Says:


My cousin LOVES Lydia so I can't use it but it's so pretty. 😍

kitchi1 Says:


Yes! Lydia is very classic, timeless, and beautiful. The nickname Lydie/Lyddie is even better imo! Not a fan of Dia.

unicornluvgirl Says:


LOVE. Agree with Poppy and Summerbaby, Lydie is a-dor-able!

Summerbaby2014 Says:


Love this name. Only thing putting me off is the likelihood of it being shortened to Lyd, which I hate. Love the nn Lyddie and as pp suggested Dia tho.

ladybug99 Says:


Lydia vs. Claudia. Which one better works with the nickname Lyddie?

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Used to think it was just okay, but I woke up one day loving it! Lydia is now a new favorite!

Poppy Says:


Beautiful. Classic. And the nickname Lyddie is adorable. Dia is a cute nickname too, but a bit unusual.