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Gender: Female Origin of Leonora: Italian diminutive of Eleonora or Eleanor, meaning unknown Meaning of Eleanor: English variation of French Provencal Alienor, meaning unknown

The name Leonora is a girl's name of English, Italian origin. Leonora and is often added to lists like Old Lady Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "drop your least favourite w randomly generated names - girls with middles".

From the experts:

Its mellifluous sound makes Leonora--which has a rich history and a tie to the popular Leo names-- a keen possibility for revival.

Leonora has the distinction of being three major opera characters, including the heroines of Beethoven's Fidelio and Verdi's Il Trovatore. It was also the name of two characters played by Elizabeth Taylor--in Secret Ceremony and Reflections in a Golden Eye.

Leonora Carrington was a notorious British-born surrealist artist and writer who lived most of her life in Mexico.

Related names include Leonore, Lenora and Lenore, subject of a famous Edgar Allan Poe poem.

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Famous People Named Leonora

Leonora Christina, Countess Ullfeldt, Danish princess and memoirist
Leonora Carrington, Anglo-Mexican surrealist artist
Leonora Evelina Piper, American trance medium
Leonora Stirling Holsapple Armstrong, American-Brazilian Baha'i missionary
Leonora Duarte, Flemish composer
Leonora Lucy Braham, English operatic soprano
Leonora Speyer, Lady Speyer, American poet and violinist
Leonora O'Brien, Irish pharmacist and entrepreneur
Leonora Blanche "Nora" Alleyne, English fairy tale writer and compiler

Pop Culture References for the name Leonora

Leonora, Elizabeth Taylor's character in "Secret Ceremony"
Leonora Penderton, Elizabeth Taylor's character in "Reflections in a Golden Eye"
Leonora Ashburnham, character in Ford Madox Ford's classic novel "The Good Soldier"

Ora, Norah, Leanore, Leanor, Lenore, Nora, Leanora, Lionore, Lenora, Leonore

Leonora's International Variations

Lioria, Lionora, Nelida, Leonita, Norita, Leonara (Spanish)


ceruleanstardust Says:


This name is absolutely stunning!

My naming style tends to flit around a lot, but this one is definitely sticking.

I love how versatile it is; it's both spunky and elegant, as well as having a wide variety of nicknames (my favourites being Leo and Lennie).

You could pair it with all different kinds of names. Longer trendier names: Genevieve, Madeleine and Vivienne. Old-fashioned names: Frederick, Juliet, Violet and Sebastian.

An undiscovered gem.

paulapuddephatt Says:



indiefendi2 Says:


When pronounced the Italian way leo nora like when people say Leonardo every syllable I love it. I don't like it when Leon becomes Len. Takes away from the name!

MaryKathryn Says:



Guest Says:


I love this only so I could call a girl Leo. 😍

leonoras Says:


My name is Leonora, and it's a really cool name. People do sometimes forget it, or call me Eleanor or Nora, but they don't usually have trouble pronouncing it (although they sometimes drop the 'o' in Leo and just say Lenora). It's also the name of the heroine of Beethoven's opera Fidelio. In Fidelio, Leonora (or sometimes Leonore)'s husband has attempted to expose crimes of nobleman Pizarro, so her husband is thrown in jail. She disguises herself as a man named Fidelio, and gets a job at the prison where her husband is being held. Pizarro discovers that she is helping her husband, and pulls out a knife, but Leonora pulls out a gun. She saves her husband and exposes the truth. My parents loved the opera, and loved the character of Leonora, and that's why they named me after her.

lesliemarion Says:


I think it sounds and looks so beautiful. Leonie would be a lovely nickname too.

KittyMomma246 Says:


Love this name. Reminiscent of light.
It's elegant & unique. Cute nickname possibilities like Nora or Leo.