Gender: Female Meaning of Lauren: "bay laurel" Origin of Lauren: English variation of Laura Lauren's Popularity in 2019: #202

Lauren Origin and Meaning

The name Lauren is a girl's name of English origin meaning "bay laurel".

Lauren was derived from Laurence, an English name from the Roman family name Laurentius, meaning “from Laurentum.” Laurentum, an ancient Italian city, got its name from the Latin word laurus, meaning “bay laurel.” Lauren was originally a masculine name but was embraced as a feminine name after Betty Joan Perske chose it for her stage name, Lauren Bacall, in 1944.

Lauren was in and around the Top 25 from the early eighties until 2006, when the classic Laura began to be seen as a more stylish option.

While it's still and forever a lovely name, Lauren is becoming one more identified with contemporary moms than babies.

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NameLover2020 Says:


It's pretty and somehow simultaneously unique and common (unique in that it's not another basic and boring name, but also very common and well-known). It works for a little girl and a professional adult woman. Lore-in is the only way to pronounce it -- LAR-in makes my skin crawl. I like Laura equally.

love4yeojin Says:


This is my name and I don't really like it. I don't like the sound of it and it's far too common. I know tons of people my age (I'm in high school) and older with the same name. I don't understand the appeal of it.

Annabvella Says:


I used to love this name when I was like 10 because of a youtuber who I used to watch which has this name. I'm honestly not really a fan of this name nowadays though as I much prefer Laura :). It's still a nice name though!.

LaurenMartine Says:


My name is Lauren, and several people have called me "Laur" as a nickname. I think it's very cute. I wish it wasn't so popular because it really is a strong name that ends on a consonant.

burg123 Says:


I met a girl named Lourynne the other day, and I'm in shock. Lauren is just so pretty

LaulenaG Says:


This is my name. When I was a little kid I disliked it because it is a little common. Now, I love it. No negative associations. No rhymes, no nicknames. Nothing to live up to, but in no way plain. It's pretty and has an interesting "en" ending. People even tell me that it's a "nice girl" name, which is fine by me.

mrs_anton_yelchin1990 Says:


Even though this name was more popular in the 80s and 90s....there is still something that is so classic about it.

PoppyOrangey Says:


I was going to post this exact comment. I agree with you, older generations including my grandparents pronounce my name as LAW-ren and it’s always irked me. I don’t love my name pronounced as LOR-en, but I prefer it to the alternative. The LAW sound seems harsh.

PoppyOrangey Says:


Erica, I don’t know if your comment was directed towards me? If so, I’m a little confused about it’s relevance to my comment. I have been a follower of this site for years and I did check it before I had my son. I named him Nathan.

Erica Says:


check this website before u have a baby.

hannahgracewilson Says:


It's gorgeous. I know so many Laurens though.

abertawe Says:


I wish this were an unknown rare name because it's beautiful.

TheSlothPrincess Says:


I think this is a classically cool kind of name. I imagine Laurens to be smart and resilient, maybe a little bit tomboy-ish. I would choose this over Laura, although I like that too.

LaurenDH Says:


People who are older than me tend to call me LAW-ren while people younger than me/my age call me LORE-en. (Not always. That's just a pattern I've seen.) I hate the LAW-ren pronunciation and love the LORE-en pronunciation. I like the sound of it and it reminds me of the word 'lore', which has special significance to me. While I say my own name LORE-en, I find myself hearing LAW-ren in my head when I read it. I don't know why that is.

Zach-ARI Says:


I feel as they should mention that Lauren is a shorter variation of LAURENCE, and Lauren was originally intended to be a masculine name, and it's not only for females.

Brooke Says:


I agree,their are several ways to pronounce it.Here in the south, we prefer it Law-ren. I have a friend named Loren. Lauren Bacall was my favorite actress, considering I prefer old movies :) She pronounced it Law-ren. Thanks 4 the message

Bobcat108 Says:


My daughter has a very good friend named Lauren, who pronounces it the way I've always heard it pronounced: LAR-rin. For chronological context, the girls are seniors in high school.

rubylayla Says:


Lauren Bacall pronounced her name LOR-en, so I'm not sure what Brook is talking about. Check youtube for interviews and news about her and you'll see what I mean. I would say most people pronounce it Loren. A lot of people think Ralph Lauren is pronounced differently (loh-REN) but he pronounces Loren too.

Alsace Says:


I had to google Lauren Bacall. I found three different pronunciation for Lauren: LOR-en, LAW-ren, and loh-REN. Very interesting, I had no idea! That said, I'm still not sure how Lauren Bacall pronounced it. lol :)

Brooke Says:


It's pronounced like Lauren Bacall

Alsace Says:


How else would you pronounce it?

Brooke Says:


My lovely daughter is a Lauren. I love the name,and she as well.Only thing is,most people pronounce it as "Loren". That irritates me lol

PoppyOrangey Says:


I'm surprised girls 10 years younger than me were named Lauren! It's so 80's...

princessmadison Says:


I only have 2 Lauren's in my grade and one of them is my best friend! That's so weird!

ThistleThorn Says:


That's so weird! I'm in seventh grade and I've only met one Lauren. I think its a really pretty name.

GuineapigGirl15 Says:


I just love,Love,LOVE this name!I Just think it sounds so nice and just beautiful.

PoppyOrangey Says:


Lauren is my name, I've never loved it, but I've never hated it. I think my parents went too "safe" with my name and now I want to name my daughter Willhelmina or Rihannon just to be difference. I don't think there's anything wrong with naming your child a simple, common, very popular name, but speaking from experience I never felt like I had my own identity alongside the 5 other Lauren's in my class and with no nicknames besides Laura or Laurie, which I loathe, it's just not very original. It's also already dated and I'm only in my 20's, so when I'm 80 Lauren will definitely be an old lady name...

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


Laurie is such a cute nickname! Or just Lauren is so nice!

annwithane Says:


I am such a name nerd, and I love classic names. I am around a lot of kids in my line of work, and I have noticed recently that this name is almost always part of sibsets with classic names (at least in this younger generation of Laurens). I have seen it paired with Elizabeth, Caroline, Grace, Katherine, Jack and Thomas. It seems to go well even though it is more of a modern classic. It is quite beautiful and the young girls I know with this name are very bright. I have really grown to like it.

Leah3456 Says:


This is a nice, classy name.

Analia Says:


I really like this name, I think it's a classic, simple and definitely a name any girl can grow into. Although it may seem to be getting a bit dated, I think it's still usable :)

ldougie Says:


This is my name and I really don't like the or sound.

Guest Says:


This name is forever young. Laura always sounds old to me.

LunaCross Says:


I have a friend with this name.