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Gender: M Meaning of Jovan: "Jove-like, majestic" Origin of Jovan: Slavic variation of John, or Latin

Jovan, the name of the supreme Roman deity, seems more extraterrestrial now -- and it's also firmly attached to a perfume label. Some parents may see it as a variation of Giovanni, the Italian for John. It is in fact the Slavic variation of John and may be an original way to honor an ancestral John.

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Famous People Named Jovan

Jovan Acimovic, former Serbian football player
Jovan Belcher, American football player
Jovan Campbell aka Jibbs, American rapper
Jovan Perisic, Serbian singer
Jovan Stefanovic, Serbian footballer
Jovan Byford, Anglo-Serbian Social Psychologist
Jovan Jovanovic (b. 2015), son of television host Daphne Oz

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