Von Origin and Meaning

The name Von is a boy's name of Scandinavian, Norse origin meaning "hope".

One of those midcentury shortenings that are starting to sound cool again, though we prefer Van.

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Von Popularity

Famous People Named Von

  • Vonnie B'Vsean "Von" MillerAmerican NFL player
  • Earle Lavon "Von" FreemanAmerican jazz saxophonist
  • Von Francis HayesAmerican baseball player
  • Vakeaton Quamar "Von" WaferAmerican basketball player
  • Vontaze DeLeon BurfictAmerican NFL player

Von in Pop Culture

  • Von Von Vonfictional character performed by humorist Hugh Gallagher
  • Yvonne "Von" Ryancharacter from Australian TV series "All Saints"
  • Von Maurupscale American department store
  • Vonsgrocery chain
  • Means "from" or "of" in German