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Gender: Male Meaning of Herbert: "bright army" Origin of Herbert: German

The name Herbert is a boy's name of German origin meaning "bright army". Herbert and is often added to lists like Old Man Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "A brother or sister for little Jack or Olivia - with middles!".

From the experts:

Names ending in bert have long been in limbo, but with the return of Albert, maybe there's hope for Herbert. who could share the Bertie nickname. Herbert is a name that's been used by English speakers since medieval times, and was in the Top 25 in the US in the late 1920s, around the time of the presidency of Herbert Hoover, but there's been no sight of Herbert in the 21st century. Some Herberts, including novelists H. G. Wells and H. E. Bates, have preferred to go by their initials.

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Famous People Named Herbert

Saint Herbert, French bishop of Marmoutier and archbishop of Tours
Herbert Clark Hoover, 31st U.S. president
Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, British prime minister
Herbert George "H.G." Wells, English novelist
Herbert Ernest "H.E." Bates, English novelist
Herbert Anthony Stevens IV aka Ab-Soul, American rapper
Herbert Frohlich, German-born British physicist
(Horatio) Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener, British field marshal and WWI secretary of war
Herbert von Karajan (born Heribert, Ritter von Karajan), Austrian conductor
Herbert Spencer, English philosopher
Herbert Jeffrey "Herbie" Hancock, American jazz pianist
Herbert Wilfred "Herbie" Taylor, South African cricketer
Herbert Okechukwu Maduagwu, birth name of Herbie Hide, British boxer
Herbert Tremenheere "Herbie" Hewett, English cricketer
Herbert Leslie "Herbie" Collins, Australian cricketer
Herbert Jay Solomon, birth name of Herbie Mann, American jazz flautist
Herbert Alexander Simon, American political scientist
Herbert Marcuse, German-American philosopher
Herbert Louis Samuel, 1st Viscount Samuel, British home secretary, first British Jew to lead a political party
Herbert Asbury, American journalist and crime writer
Herbert Lom (born Herbert Charles Angelo Kuchačevič ze Schluderpacheru), Czech-born British actor

Pop Culture References for the name Herbert

Herbert, warthog on animated series "64 Zoo Lane"
Herbert Pocket, Pip's friend and companion in Dickens' "Great Expectations"
Sir Herbert Subboys, old knight in John Marston's play "The Dutch Courtesan" (1605)
Herbert Birdsfoot, "Sesame Street" Muppet
Herbert, pederast character on TV's "Family Guy"
Herbert Travilla, Elsie Dinsmore Travilla's son in Elsie Dinsmore series
Herbert Garrison, teacher on TV's "South Park"
"Herbert West: Reanimator," story, film and character by H.P. Lovecraft
Herbert P. Bear, character from computer game Club Penguin
Herbert Carrington, character in Elsie Dinsmore series
Herbert Rippinghall, character in G. A. Henty's "Friends Though Divided"
Herbert "Bertie" Pelham, 7th Marquess of Hexham, character on TV's "Downton Abbey"

Herbie, Bertie, Herby, Bert, Herb

Herbert's International Variations

Heribert (German) Hebert (French) Ebert, Eber, Eberto (Spanish) Herberto, Heriberto (Italian) Harbert (Dutch)


saoirse123 Says:


Seems like this one is about ready to come out of the attic

paulapuddephatt Says:


Herbert should totally make a comeback. It's super cute. Herb, Herbie, Bert, and Bertie are all super, super cute. It honours the late James Herbert, horror writer. Awesome name, love it.

FantasyandPrayer Says:


This would be such a lovely way to honour my great granddad one day, since my brother already goes by his nickname (Jim) so that's not really an option. But would it be too outdated even as a middle name? Seeing "permanent exile" worries me :(

RoddyThlayli Says:


My truly awesome grandfather's name is Herbert. I have tried so hard to like it but I just don't.

greenfae85 Says:


I disagree that it is in "permanent exile."

headintheclouds Says:


The Nameberry description is sadly true, that other -bert names besides Robert are mostly unfashionable today, but I find Herbert to be unfairly put into in this category (Albert, Gilbert, and some others too- surely they're more appealing than Dagobert, Ethelbert? #notallberts).

Herbert seems to me very charming in the upright upstanding prim and proper way of vintage names, and I think it's nicer than Robert, which I've always thought to have retained its timeless classic status more by tradition (all those Juniors!) than purely appealing aesthetics. Plus the nickname Herb- so cute!

TheHumanCanvas Says:


I also prefer Herbert to Robert :)

vintageluvs Says:


Anybody else adore Herbert nn Herb? I know this is a bad connotation, but I was talking to a friend about Herbert Spencer (founder of social Darwinism) the other day, and then I thought to myself, what a beautiful, gorgeous, fusty old name! And I used to think Herb was so unfashionable, but I would think that Herbert was not to long ago thrown into that same bin as Matilda. But she was revived, and so can Herbert. And I personally would rather have a son named Herbert than Robert. Herbert has more character, and the nickname Bertie can be cute as well.

lesliemarion Says:


Oh no, not exile for cute as a button Herbert! Along with Chester and Grover, I think it's the cutest male name out there.