English aristocratic title

Earl Origin and Meaning

The name Earl is a boy's name of English origin.

Earl is a title name - brought to England by the vikings - that's out of fashion right now, unlike King and Duke. Its peak popularity was in the 1920s, which gives it a dusty great-grandpa feel, but there are also younger Earls in pop culture, like the reformed criminal in "My Name is Earl".

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Earl Popularity

Famous People Named Earl

  • Earl WarrenU.S. Supreme Court justice and governor of California
  • Earl Kemp LongAmerican politician, governor of Louisiana
  • Earl Joseph WatsonAmerican professional basketballer
  • Earl Simmons aka DMXAmerican rapper
  • Earl Eugene ScruggsAmerican bluegrass musician
  • Earl William HebnerAmerican pro wrestling referee
  • Earl W. BascomAmerican painter
  • Earl "Curly" LambeauAmerican founder of the Green Bay Packers NFL team
  • Earl Woodsfather of golfer Tiger Woods
  • James Earl JonesAmerican actor
  • Wentworth Earl MillerAmerican actor

Earl in Pop Culture

  • "Goodbye Earl" song by The Dixie Chicks
  • Earl Hickeymain character on TV's "My Name Is Earl"
  • Earl Sneed Sinclaircharacter on TV's "Dinosaurs"
  • Earl Kinsellacharacter on TV's "Hart of Dixie"
  • Earl McKeevercharacter on TV's "American Gothic"
  • Earlnickname of a car on TV's "MythBusters"
  • Earl Bassettcharacter in movie "Tremors"
  • "Big" Earlcharacter in video game series ToeJam & Earl
  • Earlcharacter in animated series "Rocko's Modern Life"
  • Earl Harlancharacter in Welcome to Night Vale
  • Earl of Grantham from the TV show Downton Abbey
  • E.A.R.L.short for Electronic Automatic Robotic Lighthouse, is a system that controls an automated lighthouse in Springfield.
  • in an episode of "The Simpsons" from 1997 titled "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer(The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)
  • Earlalien rapper from the "Toejam & Earl" video games for Sega Genesis, ToeJam is red and has three legs. Earl is fat and orange.
  • Earl Grey teaa special blend of tea , on Star Trek: The Next Generation Captain Jean,Luc Picard would order his Tea, "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot"