Gender: Female Pronunciation: GLORE-ee-ah Meaning of Gloria: "glory" Origin of Gloria: Latin Gloria's Popularity in 2018: #584

Gloria Origin and Meaning

The name Gloria is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "glory".

Gloria is beginning to move beyond its de-glamorized Grandma image, most recently thanks to glamorous young Hollywood parents Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard, who chose it for their second daughter. Gyllenhaal was quoted as saying they had been inspired by Patti Smith's rendition of the Van Morrison song "Gloria" at a concert and thought " 'We'll name our daughter that one day'."

George Bernard Shaw was one of the first to use this form of the ancient Latin name GLORIANA in his 1898 play You Never Can Tell It was a Top 25 name in the Gloria (born Josephine) Swanson era of the 1920s,--reaching as high as Number 20 in 1925-26) and held on in the Top 50 until 1955.

Most prominent current adult bearers: Gloria Steinem and Gloria Estefan. Glorias have also figured prominently in TV sitcoms--as Archie and Edith's only child on All in the Family and the sexpot character played by Sofia Vergara on Modern Family.

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GenEric Says:


This is a pretty name, known and easy to spell with a great meaning.

Hero_Phoebus Says:


Gloria is a lovely name, and so is Glory, but I'm not sure I'd ever become brave enough to use it. My family loathe this name due to it's elderly vibes and image. I, on the other hand, find Gloria to be a beautiful name.

afluffmuffin Says:


it has grown on me so much! i used to think it was an 'old lady' name, but it is currently one of my favorites!

Ehzah Says:


4 months ago I named my daughter Gloria Elizabeth. It really is a sweet name for a baby girl. I think this name will age well with her (we already know it works well on an old woman lol). I love the ring of the name. It sounds familiar without being boring. Another poster noted how international the name is. I agree whole heartedly. I am Italian while her father is Irish Catholic, it’s a nod to both ethnicities.

Nicknames we use: Glo and Globo

Xiao Casa Says:


I love the name Gloria, it's my younger sister's name. It was super cute and pretty on her when she was a little girl, but now that she's a teenager it definitely stands out in the best way. She's a beautiful, tomboyish girl, which is the image I'll always have of the name - beautiful, strong, and spunky.

Theodora Graham Says:


I used to associate Gloria with elderly women, since its popularity has long faded and most of its bearers were born decades and decades ago. But I am really beginning to enjoy it - it has an appealing vintage image and is very strong and distinctive.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Beautiful name, feel this one could be ready to come back into style somewhat

TheSlothPrincess Says:


I love the meaning of the name Gloria. I don't love the sound of the name enough to use it myself, but if you do, I think it is a wonderful choice.

clarairene Says:


We named our daughter Gloria because my husband told me when he heard it, that it sounded "like ray of sunshine, which is what she will be in my life". I was sold in that moment because it resonated so strongly with him (and because the pregnancy hormones!). We call her Glo, which I think is a very sweet nickname, and I personally love the fact that it's not trendy... yet. :)

Gloria Says:


My name is Gloria and I love it! I'm the only teenager Gloria I know. My family mostly calls me G. My friends call me Glory, Glo,G and most of the time just Gloria. It's a unique name without being too crazy!

Swangirl Says:


I think this would be a cute name for a December baby... It's a little less obvious than "Noel"

Gaiajeanne Says:


My Darling sister is named Gloria and she's the most kind hearted person I know. Plus it's so international, it's spelled this way basically everywhere and I find it great.

ashbee Says:


I know a very kind and courageous young woman named Gloria. She's from Guatemala and she's made me love this name.

TheHumanCanvas Says:


Maybe it sounds somewhat cliché, but Gloria is definitely growing on me. Actually, I kind of love it.

fuzzycub Says:


Nice name. Glory or Glow would make cute nicknames.

mill1020 Says:


I love this name! Adding it to my list, even though my husband isn't into it.

mrsedg Says:


We knew as soon as we found out we were expecting a girl her name would be Gloria. She is almost 4 now and is either called G or GiGi. I love that she is the only Gloria in her class (and school)! I think it's a beautiful name!

clairels Says:


In school I knew a girl who I decided looked like a Gloria. (Her real name was Bridget). In my head I even called her Gloria (never to her face, thankfully). She had dark red, kind of frizzy hair.I'm still not sure where this notion arose, and I don't really have a point to this other than that this is my association with the name. I don't think I've ever met a real Gloria.

Guest Says:


Slowly shaking off the "old" image I have of it. (As a child I knew an elder woman with the name). I'm loving it for its full glory! (Pun somewhat intended)

Guest Says:


It's very much "old lady" to me but I kinda love it. The meaning and sound.