Italian variation of James

Giacomo Origin and Meaning

The name Giacomo is a boy's name of Italian origin meaning "supplanter".
Giacomo is a primo member of the Giovanni-Gino-Giancarlo-Giacomo gruppo of Italian names that are beginning to be adopted by American parents. Singer/creative baby namer Sting chose it for his son.

Giacomo has many notable native namesakes, including composer Puccini, lothario Casanova and poet Leopardi.

Giacomo Popularity

20 Names Similar to Giacomo

Lists containing Giacomo

Famous People Named Giacomo

  • Giacomo CasanovaItalian adventurer and writer
  • Giacomo PucciniItalian opera composer
  • Giacomo MeyerbeerGerman opera composer
  • Giacomo AgostiniItalian motorcycle racer
  • Giacomo LeopardiItalian poet
  • Giacomo Barozzi da VignolaItalian Mannerist architect
  • Giacomo della PortaItalian Renaissance architect
  • Giacomo CarissimiItalian Baroque composer
  • Giacomo MatteottiItalian anti,Fascist politician
  • Giacomo GianniottiItalian actor
  • Giacomo Sumnerson of musician Sting

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