Gender: Male Pronunciation: EM-riss Meaning of Emrys: "immortal" Origin of Emrys: Welsh, variation of Ambrose

Emrys Origin and Meaning

The name Emrys is a boy's name of Welsh origin meaning "immortal".

If you're looking for a Welsh name less common than Dylan, Griffin, Evan, or Morgan, you might want to consider this offbeat epithet of the wise wizard Merlin.

Root name Ambrose is an ancient saints' name derived from the Greek ambrosia, the food and drink of the gods that conferred immortality.

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indiefendi2 Says:


this one is awesome. with an even better meaning!

jmilton92 Says:


Merlin was the first place I heard it too, but I love it as a name. It could be because of Colin Morgan though.

autumnreverie Says:


It IS a boy's name.

q5live Says:


any current thoughts on Emrys for a boy?? does is sound boyish enough?

autumnreverie Says:


What makes Emrys unpronounceable to Americans? Emryss makes me want to drag out the "S" sound, like a hiss.

namelover0711 Says:


This is brilliant! I love it

lookingahead Says:


We named our son Emrys. His nn is Remy. Says:


I named my daughter emrys but I spelled it emryss so Americans would be able to pronounce it. I think it's a wonderful name for a boy or a girl.

RainstreamofSpiritClan Says:


BBC's Merlin was the first place I heard this. Because of that I somehow have a hard time picturing it as just a name, because in the show it's this mystical, almost reverent title.

ffwalcott Says:


I would actually name my daughter this.

DewiSofia Says:


It sounds feminine to me. I think it would make a sweet and strong name for a baby girl

eveyalecia Says:


It being an attempt at anything makes it NOT random. That's kind of the point. (However, I disagree: Lachlan can be masculine or feminine on it's own, Locklyn is just a more phonetic Anglicized spelling.)

autumnreverie Says:


It's still random. It's an attempt to feminize a masculine name.

otheralix Says:


I adore this name.

ellie Says:


good point, i never connected the two!!

eveyalecia Says:


Locklyn isn't random-- it's a respelling of Lachlan. I agree that Emrys is amazing, and while I also wouldn't want it to grow too popular as to be overdone, I'd love to see it used more!

ellie Says:


i loooovee this name. and Emlyn. But I'm super concerned about a name too common..I've noticed Emmalyn becoming popular, as well as people putting "-lyn" at the end of random syllables (Locklyn, Bralyn, etc) and I think it might get caught up in all that. Maybe Emlyn as a middle name. But Emrys is amazing, I hope it doesn't become popular!!

inmylife Says:


I love this name. It is strong and sophisticated, and the "Em-" beginning makes it sound pleasant and somewhat familiar. Could be an interesting alternative to Emmett or Emery.

LadyVanRaven Says:


It is actually pronounced EM-riss, not EM-rees. The 'y' in Welsh has more than one pronunciation, so Rhys = REES, but Rys = riss.