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Gender: M Meaning of Chase: "to hunt" Origin of Chase: French Chase's Popularity in 2016: #86

Chase, with its sleek and ultraprosperous aura, is redolent of the worlds of high finance and international banking. Chase has been well used during the last decade, seen as a character on 24 and on several young-audience shows. Chase is megapopular in some parts of Canada--it was recently as high as Number 9 in Saskatchewan.

There are a disproportionate number of football stars name Chase.

Variation Chace began catching on in 2008, thanks largely to Gossip Girl hottie Chace (born Christopher Chace) Crawford.

Famous People Named Chase

Chasen Cord "Chase" Hampton, American actor and singer
William Clyde "Chase" Elliott II, American NASCAR driver
Chase Cameron Utley, American baseball player
Chase Jordan Headley, American baseball player
Chase Wyatt Blackburn, American football player
Chase Allen Coffman, American football player
(William) Chase Daniel, American NFL football player
Chase Andrew Bundinger, American basketball player
Chase Tyler Kalisz, American swimmer
Chase Landry, American reality TV personality ("Swamp People")
Chase Duddy, songwriter and musician of American electronic music duo XYLØ
Chase Sakic (b. 2000), son of ice hockey player Joe Sakic; twin sister Kamryn
Chase Bowman (b. 2005), son of singer and reality TV personality K. Michelle
Chase Shimabukuro (b. 2012), son of musician Jake Shimabukuro
Chase Ari Dirden (b. 2014), son of actors Brandon J. Dirden and Crystal Anne Dickinson
Chase Fiorenza (b. 2015), son of reality TV personalities Brad and Tori Fiorenza

Pop Culture References for the name Chase

Chase Davenport, character on TV's "Lab Rats"
Chase Stein aka Talkback, character in Marvel Comics' Runaways
Chase Edmunds, character on TV's 24
Charles "Chase" Matthews, character on TV's Zoey 101
Dr. Robert Chase, character on TV's "House," known as Chase
Chase Hammond, character in film Drive Me Crazy (1999)
Chase Adams, character on TV's "One Tree Hill"
Chase McKinney, character in film "Now You See Me 2"
Chase Bank, retail banking division of JP Morgan Chase
Annabeth Chase, character in Rick Riordan's book series Percy Jackson
Magnus Chase, character in Rick Riordan's book series with the same name
Chase Carter, character in the book "She is One of the Boys" by E.M. Molleja

Chace, Chasen, Chayce, Chaysn, Chayse, Chayace, Chason