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Gender: F Meaning of Ariana: "most holy" Origin of Ariana: Italian variation of Ariadne Ariana's Popularity in 2016: #54

The smooth, exotic Ariana is on the rise along with the fame of pop princess Ariana Grande. Also famous is twin spelling Arianna, which is associated with Greek-born online presence Arianna Huffington. Both Ariana and Arianna rank in the US Top 100--with Ariana now at Number 54-- and are equally acceptable spellings.

Famous People Named Ariana

Ariana Grande, American singer and actress
Ariana Savalas, American jazz singer and actress, daughter of actor Telly Savalas
Ariana Nozeman, first Dutch actress
Ariana Kukors, American Olympic swimmer
Ariana Pearl Guido, American actress
Ariana Clarice Richards, American actress and painter
Ariana Reines, American poet
Ariana Chris (born Ariadni Christodoulopoulos), Canadian mezzo-soprano
Ariana Madix, American reality TV personality ("Vanderpump Rules")
Ariana Muniz (b. 1994), daughter of singer Marc Anthony
Ariana Nicole Roy (b. 1994), daughter of singer Karl Roy of Kapatid and P.O.T.
Ariana Zolciak Biermann (b. 2002), daughter of reality TV personality Kim Zolciak ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")
Ariana Mukherjee (b. 2008), daughter of actress Mahima Chaudhary and Bobby Mukherjee
Ariana McVeigh (b. 2011), daughter of Australian rules footballer Mark McVeigh
Ariana Siena Horsley (b. 2013), daughter of model and reality TV personality Imogen Thomas and Adam Horsley
Ariana Shah (b. 2013), daughter of TV presenter Sonali Shah
Tiffany Ariana Trump (b. 1993), daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump and Marla Maples

Pop Culture References for the name Ariana

Ariana Dumbledore, sister of Albus and Aberforth Dumbledore in the "Harry Potter" series
Musée Ariana, art museum in Geneva, Switzerland
Ariana Kane, character on TV's "Alias"

Ariane, Arieana, Arionna, Airiana, Ahreanna, Ahrianna, Aerianna, Ahriana, Aryonna, Aeriana, Ariona, Aerionna

Ariana's International Variations

Aryanna, Aryana (Italian)