Gender: Female Meaning of Ariana: "most holy" Origin of Ariana: Italian variation of Ariadne, Greek Ariana's Popularity in 2019: #69

Ariana Origin and Meaning

The name Ariana is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "most holy".

The smooth, exotic Ariana is on the rise along with the fame of pop princess Ariana Grande. Also famous is twin spelling Arianna, which is associated with Greek-born online presence Arianna Huffington. Both Ariana and Arianna are widely used names and are equally acceptable spellings.

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Rank in US: #69

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Famous People Named Ariana

Pop Culture References for the name Ariana

Ariane, Arieana, Arionna, Airiana, Ahreanna, Ahrianna, Aerianna, Ahriana, Aryonna, Aeriana, Ariona, Aerionna

Ariana's International Variations

Aryanna, Aryana (Italian)


Viviennethenaturegirl Says:


Are you saying this name is racisit? Well it's not and the form 'Arianna' seems more girly if you want a more boyish daughter I prefer 'Ariana' It's shorter and nicer.

Viviennethenaturegirl Says:


Mine is more of a tomboy and goes with nickname Ari.

ariel44 Says:


Oh ok! My friend Ariana is more of a goth and goes with Ariana.

Viviennethenaturegirl Says:


Maybe because of Ariana Austin Makonnen?

Viviennethenaturegirl Says:


Exactly! Just because of Ariana Grande doesnt mean this name is awful. I dont even really like Ariana Grande.

Viviennethenaturegirl Says:



Viviennethenaturegirl Says:


Why is everyone dissing my best friends name?
First of all let me tell those meanies that my best friend Ariana is NOT bratty in fact she loves adventure and is a kinda of a tomboy. I completely recomend the chat for this name only if people were not that rude.

ariel44 Says:


Ok I get why Ariana is in creative names list but why princess?

ariel44 Says:


I love this name so much! It is very strong and pretty. It can suit any girl even though I have met only one Ariana in my life and she is very close to me.

ariel44 Says:


Yeah Back then this was a pretty rare name but with Ariana Grande she makes it more popular.

ariel44 Says:


Yeah tomboy Ariana's might go with the nn Ari.

ariel44 Says:


Oh come on Nameberry! On comments you put those who said they met bratty Arianas one of the BEST?! :( :(

tiziasempronia131 Says:


I know in English you usually don't put effort when it comes to what we call double letters, but I want to point out that Arian Race in Italian is Razza Ariana... So better go with Arianna, which is correct as Italian name

ariel44 Says:


Not me though. I have a close friend named Ariana so this name reminds me of her.

ariel44 Says:


The name Ariana is a very nice name and ive always loved it. With my close friend Ariana she makes me like this name better. If your name is Ariana don't listen to what people are saying in the comments. It's very beautiful and not every Ariana is bratty. I see Ariana as an intelligent and compassionate girl.

ariel44 Says:


I have a close friend named Ariana and she is not bratty at all!

QueenieGuldbaek Says:



QueenieGuldbaek Says:


It sounds beautiful when said w/a Japanese accent.

QueenieGuldbaek Says:


I love this name, and the nn Ari is SO CUTE!

bordercollie Says:


I know it's oh-so-popular, but I'm absolutely in love with Ariana. One of a few names that I would use despite its popularity and "trendiness" just because of how utterly beautiful it is.

TechnoKitten Says:


Even though I didn't understand half of things you've said, I agree.

TechnoKitten Says:


I can only think of Ariana Grande

April Ludgate Says:


I pronounce it Ah-ree-ah-na, but it could also be pronounced Air-ee-ah-naa, Ah-ree-ann-ah or Air-ee-ann-ah.

RoseGoldHeart Says:


Same, but my bratty Ariana is the GRANDE herself.

peachysugarbuns Says:


I've met a bratty, whiney Ariana in the past, too! Totally killed the name for me.

Hailey Says:


I always liked this name until I met one, the little girl is such a spoiled brat it kind of killed it for me. But then I think of Ariana Dumbledore, so that's a nicer connotation.

Ariana157 Says:


My name is Ariana but I pronounce it Ahr-yah-nah which is how it is pronounced in Albanian .

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


How interesting. I pronounce it like that, except for it ends in AH-nah. Well, actually various Ariana's/Arianna's I knew of pronounce it differently.

alohahh Says:


pretty yet classic name but the associations with Ariana Grande put me off, especially with some of her recent behaviour. Would pronounce it Ah-ree-arn-ah (i'm British)

Daiseymae Says:


My niece pronounces it "are-ee-on-ah". I have seen this name pronounced at least 4 different way, but I don't want to post them all. Pretty name.

DolphinLover17 Says:


I think its very pretty.

Guest Says:


if only this weren't so popular!!!!!!

hemmoxlarry Says:


Ariana Grande is to popular now that if you name your child and there in middle school or high school, the first thing in mind would be Ariana Grande

Shannon Says:


It is ah-ree-an-ah

amf0224 Says:


I really love this name right now and it sounds so pretty. I do think of Ariana Grande when I hear the name but I'm kind of a fan of hers so I don't mind. But is it pronounced with air-ee-on-ah or are-ee-on-ah?