Latin, feminine form of Ambrose

Ambrosia Origin and Meaning

The name Ambrosia is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "Immortal".

Ambrosia combines some of the more whimsical qualities of more popular Aurora and Isabella, with a heavenly meaning.

In Greek mythology, Ambrosia was not a goddess or other figure but literally the food and drink of the gods, said to confer immortality. The Ancient Greek word ambrosios, meaning immortal, gave rise to the Latin name Ambrosius, which became the modern Ambrose.

Only a dozen baby girls were named Ambrosia in the US in the most recent year counted.

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Ambrosia Popularity

Famous People Named Ambrosia

  • Ambrosia Sidneysister of English poet and courtier Sir Philip Sidney
  • Ambrosia KelleyAmerican actress

Ambrosia in Pop Culture

  • Ambrosia "Amber" Moorecharacter on TV soap "The Bold & the Beautiful"
  • AmbrosiaUK food brand, most famous for its creamy rice pudding
  • Ambrosiapet skunk in "Millie Keith: A Life of Faith" series
  • AmbrosiaAmerican rock band
  • Ambrosianymph transformed into a grapevine in Greek mythology
  • The food of the gods in Greek mythologymeaning "immortal"