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Gender: F Meaning of Alya: "heavens, highborn, exalted" Origin of Alya: Arabic

Alya is most familiar in the US in its much-more-complicated form Aaliyah, the spelling used by the later singer. The traditional name of the star system Theta Serpentis, Alya is also an established Muslim first name and a Turkish place-name. It may also be a Russian short form for Alexandra or any other Al- name.

Famous People Named Alya

Alya (born Alja Omladič), Slovenian pop singer

Pop Culture References for the name Alya

Alya Césaire, character on French animated series "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir"
Alya Kendrick, character on TV's "Backstage"
Alya Nazir, character on British soap "Coronation Street"