Spelling variation of Azariah
"Yahweh has helped"

Azaria Origin and Meaning

The name Azaria is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "Yahweh has helped".

A Biblical name with a modern feel, Azaria is a spelling variation of the Hebrew name, Azariah. Used as a masculine name in the Bible, this spelling is now more commonly used on girls.

Azaria first appeared in the US Top 1000 in 2005 and has lingered near the lower end of the charts ever since. In 2023, it climbed more than 40 places and is now given to around 350 girls every year.
The Simpsons as a nod to voice actor, Hank Azaria, however, for others, it might remain too closely associated with the tragic death of Azaria Chamberlain to be an option.

For now then, the unisex Azariah remains the more popular option, given to more than 1000 babies each year, while the diminutive, Azari made its debut in the Top 1000 and outranked Azaria in 2023.

# 804 in the US

Azaria Rank in US Top 1000

Azaria Popularity

Famous People Named Azaria

  • Azaria Chamberlainbaby eaten by a dingo in Australia in 1980
  • Hank AzariaAmerican actor and voice actor