Italian from Arabic and Sanskrit

Zero Origin and Meaning

The name Zero is a boy's name of Arabic origin meaning "void".

Zero has been documented as a given name before, but it's largely familiar as a stage name (such as Zero Mostel, born Samuel Joel Mostel) and comic book and anime characters.

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Famous People Named Zero

  • Samuel Joel "Zero" MostelAmerican actor/comedian

Zero in Pop Culture

  • Zero from the series of games "Megaman"
  • Zero from the game Fire Emblem Conquest
  • Zero Moustafacharacter in movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
  • ZeroJack Skellington's dog in movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
  • Hector "Zero" Zeronicharacter in the book/film "Holes"
  • Zerocharacter in comic strip "Beetle Bailey"
  • Zer0character in the video game "Borderlands 2"
  • Zero Kiryucharacter in anime "Vampire Knight"
  • "Horizon Zero Dawn" video game