English surname
"son of John"

Jennings Origin and Meaning

The name Jennings is a boy's name meaning "son of John".

Jennings is a common English surname that originated as a patronymic for the child of someone named Jen, a short form of John.

With the craze for s-ending surname names, this one is growing in popularity, given last year to more than 80 baby boys and about 25 baby girls in the US.

Jennings could be an original honor name for grandpa John....or even grandma Jennifer.

# 957 in the US

Jennings Rank in US Top 1000

Jennings Popularity

Famous People Named Jennings

  • Jennings LangAmerican film producer
  • Jennings Bryan "Ears" WhitworthAmerican college football player and coach
  • Jennings Tyler "JT" Johnsonson of Bachelorette Emily Maynard
  • William Jennings BryanU.S. Secretary of State and Nebraska Congressman

Jennings in Pop Culture

  • J. C. T. Jenningsmain character in the "Jennings" book series by Anthony Buckeridge