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Landry Origin and Meaning

The name Landry is a boy's name of French, English origin meaning "ruler".

St. Landry was a seventh century bishop of Paris, founder of the city's first hospital. The name is more familiar in recent years thanks to legendary Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry, an association that makes this a sports hero name, as well as a thoroughly masculine one. Landry is also in use for girls in the US. Landry is one of the oldest surnames in France, dating back to the medieval period, and is particularly popular among Cajun-Americans. It has been on the Social Security list since 2010.

Ali Landry is an actress and model who won the 1996 Miss USA competition.

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  • Landry FieldsAmerican basketball player Landry Jones, American football player

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  • Landry Clarkcharacter on TV's "Friday Night Lights"
  • A medieval namebrought to England by the Normans but ultimately of Germanic origin, literally 'land,powerful'. Saint Landry (d. ca. 660), or Landericus, was the bishop of Paris who founded Paris's first hospital, an institution that still exists today under the name Hotel,Dieu.
  • Landrycharacter in the game "Hustle Cat"