Irish variation of James

Seamus Origin and Meaning

The name Seamus is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "supplanter".

Parents who have tired of Sean are now contemplating Seamus, the Irish form of James, which has a lot more substance and verve.

One of the name's most famous bearers is the 1995 Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet Seamus Heaney. Seamus is also a Harry Potter name—Seamus Finnigan is a half-blood wizard friend of Harry's.

At a time when the police force was predominantly Irish, "shamus" became a slang term for a detective.

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Seamus Popularity

Famous People Named Seamus

  • Seamus DeaneNorthern Irish poet and novelist
  • Seamus Justin HeaneyNorthern Irish poet
  • Seamus McGarveyNorthern Irish cinematographer
  • Seamus Patrick DeverAmerican actor
  • Seamus Thomas Harris O'ReganCanadian politician and TV personality
  • Seamus Frederick MallonNorthern Irish politician
  • Seamus Liam DaveyFitzpatrick, American actor
  • Seamus Anthony "Shay" BrennanIrish footballer
  • Seamus "Shay" KeoghIrish footballer
  • Seamus "Shay" ElliottIrish cyclist

Seamus in Pop Culture

  • Seamus Finnigancharacter in the "Harry Potter" series
  • Seamus McTiernencharacter in film "The Luck of the Irish"
  • "Seamus" song by Pink Floyd