Variation of Ralph

Rafe Origin and Meaning

The name Rafe is a boy's name meaning "wolf-counsel".

Used almost exclusively in England; would make an equally amiable short form here for Raphael or Rafferty -- and could also stand on its own. If you're looking for boys' names starting with R, this is one of your cooler choices.

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Rafe Popularity

Famous People Named Rafe

  • Ralph Nathaniel "Rafe" FiennesEnglish actor
  • Rafe Joseph SpallEnglish actor
  • Rafe CustanceNew Zealand actor
  • Rafe FurstAmerican entrepreneur
  • Rafe GomezAmerican music producer
  • Rafe JudkinsAmerican reality TV personality ("Survivor") and TV writer
  • Rafe MairCanadian lawyer and political commentator
  • Rafe NeedlemanAmerican journalist, editor and author
  • Rafe StefaniniItalian folk musician
  • Rafe VanHoyAmerican songwriter
  • Rafe Raccini WolfeJamaican footballer
  • Raphe Beckson of American TV personality and author Glenn Beck

Rafe in Pop Culture

  • Rafe Adlercharacter from the "Uncharted" game series
  • Rafael "Rafe" Covingtoncharacter in book/movie "Crossfire Trail"
  • Rafe Deedcharacter in movie "Edison"
  • Capt. Rafe McCawleymain character in movie "Pearl Harbor"
  • Rafe Hernandezcharacter on American soap "Days of our Lives"
  • Seamus Rafael "Rafe" Goldbergmain character in "Openly Straight" by Bill Konigsberg
  • Rafecharacter from John Stephens' fantasy book series "The Books of Beginning"
  • Rafe Khatchadoriancharacter in the book and film "Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life"
  • Rafe Cameroncharacter in TV show "Outer Banks"
  • Jaxon Tyrus Rafferty "Rafe"Character in Mary E. Pearson's Remnant Chronicles