French variation of Dante

Danton Origin and Meaning

The name Danton is a boy's name of French origin.

Has the two-syllable sound so popular for boys, though adding an apostrophe -- and turning it into D'Anton -- changes the name entirely.

Famous People Named Danton

  • Danton Edward ColeAmerican ice hockey player and coach
  • Danton StoneAmerican actor
  • Danton HeinenCanadian ice hockey player
  • Danton MelloBrazilian actor
  • Danton R. RemotoFilipino journalist and politician
  • Georges Jacques DantonFrench revolutionary

Danton in Pop Culture

  • "The Great Danton"stage name of Hugh Jackman's character in 'The Prestige'
  • Danton Black aka Multiplexcharacter on TV's "The Flash"