Beautiful and unusual girls' names

- Created by Mcguirce

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  • Ailbhe


  • Ailis

    Ailie as a nickname

  • Ailsa

    Slightly less obvious than Elsa

  • Alda

  • Alma

  • Amara

    A bit bitter?

  • Anouk

    No good with Campbell, unfortunately

  • Ardis

  • Asta

  • Astrid

  • Aurelia

    Possibly a bit too pretty

  • Brigid

    Nickname Bridie

  • Briony

    Pretty but not frilly

  • Cordelia

    Delia for short

  • Damaris

  • Eachna

  • Ebba


  • Eliora

    A bit too pretty perhaps

  • Elsa

    I've loved this name for a very long time. Damn you, Frozen!

  • Elspeth

    Hat-tip to grandma and Elizabeth, but still unusual

  • Enid

    Quaint but strong

  • Fenne

  • Fia

  • Fiadh

  • Fianna

  • Feena

  • Greta

    Very nice with our surname

  • Ia

  • Ilsa

  • Ingrid

  • Ivy

    A bit too popular right now

  • Juno

    A bold one

  • Laurel

  • Leda

  • Liesl

  • Luna

  • Mab

  • Mabyn

  • Malou

  • Maren

    Another sea name and so, so pretty

  • Maris

    If only Niles had married someone else... Such a classically beautiful name

  • Marla

    Pretty variant of Mary

  • Marna

  • Marnie

    Anything to do with the sea is a winner really, but this one's been made a bit obvious through Girls

  • Meara

  • Meredith

  • Merel

  • Merla

    Blackbird. Birdie as a nickname

  • Naia

  • Nova

  • Oona

    I especially love this spelling

  • Osa

  • Oonagh

  • Romilly

  • Romola

    Strong sounding, but not as full of meaning as I'd like

  • Romula

    As strong as Romola, but we could justifiably call her Ula for short

  • Rosa

    Simple, pretty, classic

  • Rosemary

    Solid and classic but unusual bough that she'd likely be the only one in her class. Also a nod to mum

  • Rudha

    Strong and snappy (rua)

  • Tanis

  • Thora

    Super strong (from Thor)

  • Toril

  • Tullia

    Tulia's even better

  • Tuva


  • Ula

    My absolute fave. Jewel of the sea

  • Ursula

    Ula or Bear for short

  • Verity

  • Vesper

  • Vivia

  • Zosia

    But pronounced like Zosia from school (Zosha)