Girl Names Starting With O

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Girl names that begin with O are highly fashionable right now, with attractive O-starting options like Olive, Opal and Ophelia all rising rapidly up the popularity rankings, while still retaining their quirky charm.

O names for girls are particularly popular across the pond in Britain: along with current #1 girl name Olivia, other popular O-starting picks in the Top 1000 for England and Wales include sweet Scottish Orla, sassy Ottilie, and sophisticated Octavia.

In the US, O names remain relatively rare, with only Olive, Ophelia, Oakley and Oaklyn joining Olivia in the Top 500 girl names in recent years.

Along with Orla and Ottilie, other original O baby names for girls include chic French options Odette and Oceane, fresh nature names Onyx and Ochre, and geographical picks Odessa and Olympia.

O Names for Girls