Ophira Origin and Meaning

The name Ophira is a girl's name meaning "gold".

Feminine form of Ophir, a Biblical place name famed for its riches.

Ophira Popularity

Famous People Named Ophira

  • Ophira EisenbergCanadian comedienne
  • Ophira EdutAmerican astrologer of The AstroTwins; twin of sister Tali

Ophira in Pop Culture

  • A modern Hebrew girls' name made up of the biblical placename Ophir and the letter ה (Heh), which denotes a direction; hence it means "to Ophir." The ancient region was a place of origin of gold, as attested in 1 Kings 9:28: "And they came to Ophir and fetched from thence gold, four hundred and twenty talents, and brought it to King Solomon."
  • Ofiraformer Israeli settlement at Sharm el,Sheikh in Sinai (existing from 1967 until 1982); called "towards Ophir" due to its location on the Red Sea, on the route supposedly traversed by Solomon's ships en route to Ophir