Girl Names Starting with G

G is an increasingly popular first initial for girls’ names, in both its hard (as in Grace) and soft (Genevieve) forms.

Grace, Georgia and all variations of Gabrielle are the most popular G-starting names for girls in the US right now.

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Genesis, Genevieve, and Gianna also rank in the US Top 100.

Along with the Italian spelling Giorgia, Italy has three other girl names starting with G in its Top 10: Giulia, Greta, and Ginevra. Giulia is also the top-ranked G-starting girl name in France, while G names for girls in England’s Top 300 include Gracie, Gabriella, and Georgina.

If you’re looking for an uncommon or unique G baby girl name, intriguing options we recommend include fashionable picks Georgia, Gemma and Greta, as well as underused gems like Giada, Guinevere, Galilee and Gaia.

Browse our complete list of girl names starting with G below, or use the alphabet to check out girl names that start with other letters.

G Names for Girls