Girl Names Starting with A

Girl names starting with the letter A have led the pack for several years now. A is the most common first letter for baby names for both girls and boys.

Along with Ava and Amelia in the Top 10, girl names starting with A that make the US Top 50 include Abigail, Aria, Addison, Aurora, and Audrey.

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A names Alice, Ambre, and Agathe rank among the Top 50 names for girls in France, while Ava, Amelia, Alice, and Aria are the leading A names for girls in England and Wales.

A-beginning names for girls a little further down the list that are stylish today include Ada, all spellings of Adeline, Audrey, Arden, Arabella, Anastasia, Antonia, and Alma.

Unique A-starting names we recommend include Aurelia, Anthea, Acacia, and Azalea.

Many of the top girls’ baby names starting with A also end with A: Anna, Amanda, and Arya, for instance. There are classic A names for girls – Abigail and Anne – as well as more contemporary types, such as the unisex Arden and the multicultural Amara.

A Names for Girls