Flower Names for Girls and Boys

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  • Winika

    With the rise of all those other popular feminine W names, like Winnie, Willa and Winona, why not consider the exotic Winika. Win and Winnie are likely nicknames and it is associated with a dainty... Read More 

  • Wisteria

    A frilly southern-accented flower name yet to be planted on many birth certificates. In the language of flowers, the wisteria is a symbol of devotion. It is named for American horticulturalist... Read More 

  • Xochitl

    Xochitl is a Nahuatl -- or Aztec -- floral name used in southern Mexico and pronounced so-chat-l. Internet entrepreneur Xochi Birch is probably the best-known bearer in the US -- except for the... Read More 

  • Yasmin

    This name, whose sweet and fragrant floral essence has always been widespread across the Near Eastern world, has now landed on US popularity lists in a variety of spellings. It's been dropping... Read More 

  • Zahara

    Zahara, a delicate but strong multicultural name, came into the spotlight when Angelina Jolie bestowed it on her Ethiopian-born daughter, and we predict other parents will adopt it as well. If you... Read More 

  • Zainab

    Zainab—the name of a flowering tree and of a granddaughter, daughter, and two wives of the Prophet Muhammed—was a newcomer to the US Top 1000 in 2013. While simplified variations Zaina or Zayna... Read More 

  • Zalie

    Zalie -- which may be styled Zayley or Zaylee or Zaylie, among other spellings -- might be a short form of the flower name Azalea or may also be a cute modern nickname-name used on its own. You... Read More 

  • Zaria

    Zaria, the name of the Nigerian capital city, could be another Z name for parents to consider. It currently ranks lower than variations Zariah and Zariyah.

    Popular 1990s sitcom... Read More 

  • Zariah

    Zariah has three possible origins: the Arabic ‘Zara’ which means ‘flower’, the Hebrew name ‘Azaria’, meaning ‘God has helped’, or the Russian word “Zaria” which means ‘sunrise/dawn’. Either way,... Read More 

  • Zariyah

    Zariyah has three possible origins: the Arabic Zara which means flower"; the Hebrew name Azaria, meaning "God has helped"; or the Russian word Zaria which means "sunrise, dawn." Either way, it is... Read More 

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