Names That Mean Wealth

Names meaning wealth or wealthy or rich indicate not only money or material riches but a richness of spirit. The meaning of wealth can be an auspicious element of a baby's name. Edward is perhaps the best-known name meaning wealth, but baby names that mean rich, prosperous or wealthy can be found in all cultures and there are names with wealth meanings for both girls and boys. If you want to invest your child's name with wealth, choose one of these names with a rich meaning.

  • Ademar

    The name Ademar is a boy's name meaning "wealth and fame". Worn by several medieval troubadours, this name is still used in French, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries.Read More 

  • Aisha

    The name Aisha is a girl's name of Arabic, Swahili origin meaning "living, prosperous". Aisha was Muhammad's favorite wife, making this lovely name and its myriad variations hugely popular among... Read More 

  • Aishwarya

    The name Aishwarya is a girl's name meaning "prosperity, wealth". Read More 

  • Akudo

    The name Akudo is a girl's name meaning "peaceful wealth". Akudo is an Igbo-Nigerian name stemming from the Igbo word 'udo' meaning peace. Unlike other names containing the name "Udo", Akudo is a... Read More 

  • Alda

    The name Alda is a girl's name of German origin meaning "wave". Alda's brother name Aldo has been a mainstay of the U.S. popularity chart for decades now, and the related Alden is soaring up as... Read More 

  • Amon

    The name Amon is a boy's name of Hebrew, Irish origin meaning "wealthy protector". This friendlier Celtic version of Edmund has an upbeat feel and a good chance of competing with Aidan and Damon... Read More 

  • Cash

    The name Cash is a boy's name of English, Latin origin meaning "hollow". Whether it's due to its economic connotations, or its link to American legend Johnny Cash, this name is widely used, and... Read More 

  • Darian

    The name Darian is a unisex name of Greek origin meaning "rich, kingly". Unusual option, with a Waspy Connecticut air. Read More 

  • Darian

    The name Darian is a unisex name meaning "wealth, kingly". The most popular spelling in a family of names including Darien and Darion, Darian has nonetheless been on the decline since it peaked in... Read More 

  • Darius

    The name Darius is a boy's name of Greek, Persian origin meaning "weath, kingly". Darius is a historic name via Emperor Darius the Great, a key figure in ancient Persian history, and several... Read More 

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