Baby Name DNA: Charmer

The Charmer Type

The Charmer Type

With the Charmer type dominant in your Baby Name DNA, you are most likely sociable and outgoing, placing a high value on connection. Your favorite names tend to be popular but also rooted in tradition, to have a fashion edge yet also feel down-to-earth and friendly.

If You're A Charmer

People who have Charmer prominent in their Baby Name DNA profile may be eternal optimists with exceptionally likable personalities. If your dominant type is Charmer, you were probably the kid in school who had friends across social groups and to this day can fit in with people of all types. Charmers are not necessarily extroverts, but they do love people. You likely have a career where you work with others, perhaps as a teacher, social worker, or marketing expert.

People with a strong streak of Charmer in their Name DNA are proponents of the Golden Rule — treat others how you want to be treated. Their children will learn that success is achieved through kindness and compassion, understanding, and thoughtfulness. As a Charmer, you hope your children will become contributing members of society and be able to connect with people of all kinds, just as you have.

Remember that while Charmer may be your primary type, everyone’s Name DNA is as unique as they are, and so your personalized lists of names will draw from your individual preferences to include names from several types.

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Charmer Names

Charmer names follow the path of least resistance: they tend to be easy to spell, pronounce, and not least of all, easy to love. Names that fit the Charmer style may be shared by many other children, but they’re also widely accepted and universally admired.

Unlike some more individualist baby name types, Charmer names give a child all the advantages that come with having a name that everybody knows and likes. And most kids like having Charmer names, which can provide an instant ticket to fitting in with their peers. Charmer names are accessible and attractive; they sound like the names of people everybody wants to know and expects to like.

Charmer names that strike a positive note on a range of levels. They're emotionally warm, in step with current styles, and embraced by many types of people. Charmer names tend to be popular but also rooted in tradition, to have a fashion edge yet also feel down-to-earth and friendly. Nickname names such as Evie and Jack fit into the Charmer category, as do proper names with a stylish yet down-to-earth feel, such as Theo and Mabel.

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Some Favorite Charmer Names

Charmer Lists

Celebrities with Charmer Names

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner

Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom

Leonardo DiCaprio

Zoe Kravitz

Celebrity Kids

Archie (Meghan Markle & Prince Harry)

Emme and Max (Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony)

Luca (Hilary Duff)

Violet (Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck)

Willa (Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas)

Fictional and Historic Figures

The God Apollo

Belle, Beauty & the Beast

Harry Potter

Noah of the Ark

Romeo and Juliet

Scarlett O'Hara

Wendy, Peter Pan

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