Baby Name DNA: Star

The Star Type

The Star Type

If your Baby Name DNA leans heavily toward the Star type, you may have the almost-magical ability to simultaneously be one of the gang and yet stand out from the crowd. The names you love carry this same duality: they may be widely-admired and imitated and at the same time cool and self-contained.

If You're a Star

People whose Baby Name DNA leans heavily toward the Star type are often those special people who seem to have the almost-magical ability to simultaneously be one of the gang and yet stand out from the crowd. If you have a lot of Star in your Baby Name DNA, you may thrive in situations where you’re able to bask in the attention of others: you’d make an excellent performer, public speaker, sales director, or head coach.

As a child, you may have enjoyed being in school plays or playing sports, but you may have been happiest as the star of the show or the captain of the team. You enthusiastically participated in the science fair or the spelling bee, enjoying the camaraderie but wanting to be the winner so you could enjoy the admiration of others. You like being first,but you also want to be popular.

Parents who gravitate toward Star names may encourage their children to join clubs and teams but also to run for president of the class and win the MVP award. Stars will warn their children against pleasing others at the expense of their own desires, and will try to teach their kids to pursue individual achievement while also valuing their connections in the community.

Remember that while Star may be your primary type, everyone’s Baby Name DNA is as unique as they are, and so your personalized lists of names will draw from your individual preferences to include names from several types.

Star Names

Names that fit the Star Baby Name DNA type contain that special combination of uniqueness and popularity. While they may be widely-admired and imitated, Star names are also cool and self-contained. A Star name will ideally help a child to be well-liked yet also to command attention, to fit in with his or her peers yet retain an air of mystery and distinction.

Star names include fashionable surname names like Waverly and Edison, place names like Milan and Holland, and word names like Royal and Justice, among a wide range of appealing and creative choices. Names that fit the Star type are Aria not Ariana, Grey rather than Graham, Jade instead of Jane.

To be clear, Star names would not be considered weird by any standard, but neither are they "normal" in the sense that they’ve been used as names for centuries. You probably won’t find many Star names that can be plucked from the family tree or that will honor a historic hero; most have been around for only a decade or two.

In fact, many Star names were popularized by actual stars. Celebrity surnames such as Beckham, Lennon, and Monroe qualify as Star names, as do notably celebrity first names such as Aaliyah and Ashton, Kendall and Drake, Reese and Prince. We count many celebrity baby names among the Star names: Saint, Deacon, and Dream, for instance. And there are some notable character names, such as Lyra and Rhett, among the Star names too.

Most Compatible Types



Names that carry the Influencer Baby Name DNA may be unique and unusual, but can go from undiscovered to Top 100 in the blink of an eye. Read more about Influencer.



Maverick names make a child stand out, transcending gender, cultural, and image stereotypes. Read more about Maverick.

The Leader Type

The Leader Type

If you fit the Leader Baby Name DNA type, you are probably well-liked and highly successful. Your favorite names tend to be popular with many types of people but also pass the test of names that might win you a seat on the Supreme Court.

Least Compatible Type



Romantic names are deeply rooted and warm but are also rare and uncommon, just like the great romances of history.  Read more about Romantic.

Some Favorite Star Names

Star Lists

Celebrities with Star Names

Anderson Cooper


Elle Fanning

Kendall Jenner

Leighton Meester

Malia Obama

Travis Scott

Celebrity Babies

Dream (Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna)

Harper (Victoria & David Beckham)

Hayes (Jessica Alba)

Onyx (Iggy Azalea)

Saint (Kim Kardashian & Kanye West)

Fictional and Historic Figures

arya influencer

Arya Stark, Game of Thrones


Designers Chanel and Dior

Lyra Belacqua, His Dark Materials

Odin, Norse god of poetry, wisdom, death, and magic

Rhett, Gone With the Wind

Titus Andromedon, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Trinity, The Matrix

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