Boy Name Origins

Boy name origins are an excellent starting point for any search for a baby name. Browse our complete lists of boys’ names by language or culture of origin here. Many of these name origins lists are extensive but they can be useful for surveying all the boys’ names of any one origin and then taking a closer look at your favorites. These name origins lists might be a good tool for parents looking for names for a son that reflect their ethnic heritage, that relate to a country or culture they love, or that match a family surname.

Note that these are names rooted in that language, which may well not be names popular or widely-used in the corresponding country. These lists survey the origins that have significant numbers of boy names in our database.

If you’re looking for names for your baby boy from a more specific culture such as Maori or Basque, you can find a complete roster of all our names by origin here. You can also browse Girl Names Origins, see our full roster of Name Origins, or search Popular Names by country.

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