Top Czech Names for Boys

Czech names for boys hail from the medieval castle capital of the world, and many of these dashing Czech boys' names do have a certain knightly air about them: Alberik, Kazimir, Ludvik, Vladko... These powerful Czech boy names could have been plucked straight from the pages of a chivalric romance! But if you're looking for a Czech baby boy name that feels more contemporary, you'll find plenty of fresh options to consider here: try Albin or Aleksy, Dano or Dushan.

Browse our full roster of cool Czech baby names for boys below. The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity. Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.


  • Origin:

    French, German, Russian, Czech, Scandinavian variation of Valentine
  • Meaning:

    "strength, health"
  • Description:

    Romantic name used throughout Europe, though sure to lead to pronunciation problems here. Though it's never been too widely used in the US, it's quite popular in Switzerland, France, Austria, and Romania.