Werewolf Names

Werewolf Names

Nameberry intern Danielle Miksza, who wrote for nameberry last Halloween on vampire names, turns her attention now to names inspired by the new popular monster in town — werewolf names.

Last year the world was falling into the icy clutches of the vampires. The Salvatore brothers of L.J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries were fighting over the beautiful Elena Gilbert, lethally handsome Edward Cullen once again rescued his mortal love, Bella Swann from a gruesome death in the new Twilight movie, Eclipse, and a vampire child by the name of Abby has been terrifying audiences in Matt Reeve’s new film Let Me In.

Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to escape the bite of immortality, but fear not fellow name lovers! There is hope for us mortals yet, a hope that comes in a very furry form.

This Halloween goes to the wolves. The vampire reign is in danger of coming to a close as the popularity of werewolves quickly rises. The vampire-werewolf rivalry is one of the oldest feuds in existence, so it’s no wonder that we humans have been caught in the middle once again. At least the wolves will get the vampires off our backs for a bit. Right?

Okay. You may be thinking that werewolves are just as bad as vampires, but let’s think about this. Unlike vampires who have absolutely no escape from their condition, unless they go a day without sunscreen, werewolves only change during a full moon. So if someone you love is carrying the curse of the Lycan, it’s best to take a little vacation from them once a month. After all, we all need a little me time. Also, werewolves aren’t constantly craving your blood. They’re actually quite normal in human form (I should know because I used to date one), whereas vampires obsess over the sound of blood pumping through your veins. Hence, werewolves are the lesser of two evils.

Still not convinced? I have two words for you: Jacob Black. He’s a young wolf, but believe me when I say he is fit enough to take on the toughest vampires around. And Mason Lockwood, the newest addition to the T.V. series The Vampire Diaries even has big bad Damon Salvatore peeping over his shoulder at night. Sir Anthony Hopkins may be in his seventies, but that didn’t stop him from howling at the moon as Sir John Talbot in last year’s horror flick Wolfman. And a word of warning to parents of adolescent boys: that extra hair growth and mood swings may be a little more than typical puberty. They may actually be signs that he’s turning into a werewolf like Scott Howard, played by Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf. Puberty is a tough time. Let the kid go a day without cleaning his room.

 Werewolves also rival vampires in the name field. Below is a list of werewolf names from film and literature.


Cassandra (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

Elena (Bitten)

Leah (Twilight)

Gwen (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

Nina (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Raina (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

Rashida (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

Rose (Doctor Who)

Sylvie (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

Veruca (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Vivian (Blood And Chocolate)


Antonio (Broken)

Brady (Twilight)

Clayton (Industrial Magick)

Collin (Twilight)

Falcon (Van Helsing)

Fenrir (Harry Potter Series)

Embry (Twilight)

Irving (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

Jacob (Twilight)

Jason (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

Jamil (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

Jeremy (Industrial Magick)

Karl (Personal Demon)

Lawrence (Wolfman)

Lucian (Underworld)

Lycann (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

Marcus (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

Nicholas (Broken)

Oz (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Paul (Twilight)

Quil (Twilight)

Raze (Underworld)

Rich (Nature Of The Beast)

Remus (Harry Potter Series)

Richard (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

Sam (Twilight)

Seth (Twilight)

Shang-Da (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

Stephen (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter)

Tyler (_The Vampire Diarie_s)

William (Underworld)

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Nameberry intern Danielle Miksza currently resides in her hometown of Jersey City where she attends the local university. She is a creative writing major and Lifestyles writer for the school paper, The Gothic Times. Danielle has written several poems and is working on a short novel.

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