The Best Sibset You Know

It’s one of our longest-running forums, at 200+ pages and counting: Name a sibset you know.

On the forums it’s a game where one person names a sibset they know and the next person takes one of the names from that sibset and uses it in a different sibset they know.  Go ahead and play it, it’s fun.

So for this question of the week, we’re going to spin the challenge a bit differently and ask, What’s the best sibset — as in group of sibling names — you know?

No personal identifying details, please.  These can be your own children or you plus your brothers and sisters, they can be a family from a hundred years ago or a group of siblings you knew growing up or a young contemporary sibset.

The one absolute is that they have to be real: No sibsets, no matter how wonderful, from books or movies.

Bonus points if you tell us why you think the sibset is so great.

And did you know that April 10th is National Sibling Day?

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