Starbaby Report for March: Azalea, Lyric and two Judes

Starbaby Report for March: Azalea, Lyric and two Judes

By CaraMichelle

Here’s the complete report of celebrity baby announcements for the month of March:


Coco Rae and Gia James, sisters of Arrow (f) (Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman)


Azalea Leslie, sister of Adrian, Amari (m), and Avery (m) (Joel “The Kid Mero” and Heather Martinez)

Charlie (Marcos Ferraez and Alona Tal)

Ever Lee Wilde (Nicholas Gonzalez and Kelsey Crane)

Ines, sister of Manon (Martin and Helene Fourcade)

Kiara (Sébastien Haller)

Lyla Isabela, sister of Summer (Jose Castillo and April Hernandez-Castillo)

Lyric Dean, sister of Ava (A.J. and Rochelle McLean)

Marlow Alice (David Cross and Amber Tamblyn) (shown in illustration)

Maya, sister of Alma (Yaron Versano and Gal Gadot)

Odette Elliott, sister of Thomas and Shepherd (Jared and Genevieve Padalecki)


Afonso Maria, brother of Maria Inês (Pedro Costa Lopes and Joana Teles)

Albert, brother of Amy and Ava (AJ and Dionne Calloway)

Augustus AlexisGus, brother of Charlie (m) and Coco (David and Christina Arquette)

Beau Dean, brother of Liam, Hattie, Stella, Finn, and Jack (Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling)

Bodhi Fox (Andrew Talansky and Kate Fox)

Carter Davis (David Gross and Danielle Harris)

Dominic Michael, brother of Violet (Michael Miziner and Rachael Finch)

Eli Mark (Stuart Pilkington and Louise Cliffe)

Hal Auden, brother of Kit (m) (Benedict and Sophie Cumberbatch)

Jude Daniel (Jaren Johnston and Evyn Mustoe)

Jude Malcolm (Steve Yeun and Joana Pak)

Marcello (Christophe Alévêque and Serena Reinaldi)

Ronan Laine, brother of Viola (Brian Gallagher and Megan Hilty)

Walter, brother of Annabelle (Ben and Katie Smith)

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