Greek, feminine variation of Dion

Dionne Origin and Meaning

The name Dionne is girl's name of Greek origin meaning "divine".
Dionne is an Americanized version of the Greek Dione, with many sub-versions of its own, identified with singer Dionne Warwick. It was also the surname of the Canadian quintuplets born in 1934, who gained worldwide fame as the first kown quints to survive to adulthood.

In Greek mythology, spelled Dione, she was the wife of Zeus and mother of Aphrodite.

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Famous People Named Dionne

  • (Marie) Dionne WarwickAmerican singer and cousin of Whitney Houston
  • Dionne BromfieldBritish soul singer
  • Dionne FarrisAmerican pop singer
  • Dionne BrandCanadian poet and novelist
  • Dionne QuanAmerican voice actress
  • The Dionne Quintupletsfirst quintuplets to survive infancy

Dionne in Pop Culture

  • Dionne Davenportbest friend of Cher in the 1995 movie "Clueless"