Sibling Names: Naming your family, Duggar-style

Is this a name game or a baby-naming advice blog?

No matter.  The idea is that some people want to choose sibling names that all start with the same letter, and there really (really!) isn’t anything wrong with that.  It can give your family a nice cohesive feel and, as long as the names aren’t too matchy-matchy or you don’t have 20 kids (I’m looking at you, Duggars), provide a simple theme that unifies your children’s names.

So what are some good sibling names for each letter of the alphabet?  Berries, I can hear you flexing your typing fingers to let us know your picks, and I hope you will.

Some ideas of our own, with two girls’ names and two boys’ for each letter that we could imagine co-existing in the same family, in any combination.


Aurora, Abel, Angelica, Archer


Bellamy, Benno, Blossom, Barnaby


Cordelia, Cassius, Celestia, Cyrus


Dinah, Dante, Dominica, Dion


Eliza, Edmund, Estelle, Ernest


Frances, Frederick, Fiona, Frazier


Georgia, Gordon, Gwendolen, Gray


Helena, Harry, Hope, Hugh


Ivy, Isaac, India, Ira


Jessamine, Jasper, Juliet, Josiah


Kerensa, Kieran, Keturah, Knight


Lila, Lionel, Loretta, Lazarus


Millicent, Malachi, Minerva, Moses


Nell, North, Nia, Noble


Octavia, Otis, Olympia, Ozias


Paloma, Piran, Penelope, Preston


Ramona, Raleigh, Rowena, Roland


Sabrina, Sampson, Susannah, Solomon


Tamsin, Thelonious, Tanaquil, Torin


Vera, Victor, Vivian, Vincent


Wallis, Walter, Winifred, Wade

Sorry we skipped some of the hard letters; feel free to create those if you want!

What would you change or add?  Which letter family would you claim for your own?

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68 Responses to “Sibling Names: Naming your family, Duggar-style”

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petra.j Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 2:15 am

What a great post! Some really inventive combos. Love ‘A’ & ‘I’ & ‘N’ the most.

Zenobia, Zachariah, Zara, Zane

CassieCake Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 2:39 am

I would go whith L
Lachlan, Lorelie, Leo, and Lena

shellezbellez Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 3:20 am

A–Alice, Andrew, Adele, Adam
B–Beatrice, Barnabas (Barney), Bella, Benjamin
C–Catherine, Conner, Caroline, Corban
D–Daphne, Darius, Delia, Deacon
E–Evangeline, Elijah, Elisabeth, Ephraim
F–Felicity, Finnick, Fidela, Felix
G–Genevieve, Gabriel, Guinevere, Gideon
H–Harmony, Heath, Honor, Hart
I–Isobel, Isaiah, Imogen, Israel
J–Jerusha, Jonathan, Julia, Jubal
K–Kate, Kieran, Knox, Kore
L–Livi, Luca, Lottie, Leo
M–Megan, Michael, Marianne, Malcolm
N–Nora, Nicholas, Nell, Nathaniel
O–Orane, Oliver, Ondine, Orlando
P–Phaedra, Philemon, Phoebe, Phineas
R–Rose, Rafe, Ruby, Rhys
S–Susannah, Sam, Serena, Silas
T–Tess, Thomas, Thalia, Tobias
V–Valerie, Vincent, Vivienne, Victor
W–Wren, Will, Willow, Wesley
Z–Zoe, Zion, Zillah, Zechariah

vaness1 Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 4:53 am

I got tired at the end.. I might finish later!

A- Annika, Avalon, Archer, August
B- Blythe, Bronwen, Burke, Brenner
C- Cecily, Cosima, Cormac, Cale
D- Danica, Daphne, Declan, Davis
E- Evelyn, Eloise, Ethan, Emmett
F- Freya, Felicity, Finn, Fletcher
G- Greta, Gwendolyn, Graham, Gregory
H- Harper, Hope, Henry, Hudson
I- India, Isla, Isaac, Ian
J- Johanna, Jane, Julian, Jack
K- Kateri, Kassia, Kingston, Kurt
L- Libby, Luella, Lennox, Leo
M- Mira, Mabel, Max, Milo
N- Nora, Nellie, Nicholas, Nathaniel
O- Olive, Oriana, Otto, Owen,
P- Poppy, Pandora, Parker, Patrick
R- Rita, Ruby, Reid, Roger,
S- Seraphina, Season, Sebastian, Seth
T- Tessa, Teagan, Tucker, Ty

georgyporgy Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 5:52 am

I have a ‘V’ sib set. We have Vincent (Vinny) and Violet (vi vi). We are expecting our third but not sure I want another ‘V’ (a bit too cute..)Love this blog tho…

Abby Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 6:17 am

Fun! I’d definitely claim H or C if I were planning on so many kiddos.

Coraline, Caradoc, Cerise, Cai, Catarina, Christian, Casilda, Corisande …

Hector, Harriet, Hendrix, Hudson, Hamilton, Honoria, Hermione …

But really, I could never stick to just one letter!

AussieSteph Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 6:23 am

E – Eden, Emmeline, Eamon, Everett
M – Mattea, Millie, Mabel, Maxim
S – Sloane, Stella, Sasha, Sawyer
D – Delaney, Daphne, Drew, Declan
K – Keziah, Kaiya, Kaleb, Kieran

pam Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 8:47 am

You guys are amazing. Abby, good point: if you are going to do this for real, I think you need to start with a letter that’s got lots and lots of good possibilities. Georgy Porgy, I love Vincent and Violet, and could love Victor and Vivienne too, but think it would be hard to go on from there without a lot of overlap (Victoria, Viola etc) And definitely with child #3, it might be time to make a change!

Lola Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 8:54 am

Well, I am very anti-single letter naming within a family. For me, who writes things like L-dr’s on the calendar, it can get wonky!

But, if I had named my 3 (and one more) with the same letter, here’s how they’d be:

Leo, Linus, Lettice & Lucasta
Silas, Simon, Sabrina & Susanna
James, John, Josephine & Jessamine
Oscar, Otis, Ottilie & Ophelia
Harvey, Henry, Harriet & Helen
Magnus, Maxim, Mathilda & Marguerite
Vincent, Victor, Vianne & Vera
Clarence, Cosmo, Cecily & Coralie
Zebedee, Zoltan, Zuleika & Zelda
Balthazar, Blaise, Beatrix & Blythe
Rufus, Remy, Rosamel & Romilly

Well, those are some of my favorite letters anyway! 😀

chilly9296 Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 9:10 am

Q – Quinn, Quest, Queenie, Quintessa
U – Umber, Ursula, Ulysses, Urban
X – Xander, Xavier, Xia, Xena
Y – Yevette, Yvonne, Yardley, Yale
Z – Zoey, Zahara, Zachary, Zepplin

Titus245Mama Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 9:32 am

Well, we probably won’t end up having 20 kids, but we do share the Duggar’s philosophy of accepting babies from the hand of God as a blessing, and desire a larger-than-average family.

Our first two children are Asher and Acacia. Not because we had our hearts set on a single-letter theme, but because we genuinely loved the names and had meaningful reasons for choosing them. Baby number 3 was a boy. I *really* wanted to name him Abram. But, my husband said, ‘Two A names is a coincidence. Three is a pattern. Unless you want to limit yourself to A names forever, you’d better pick something else.” So Micah he became. Maybe by baby number six or seven or so we’ll have enough variety that I’ll be able to use Abram.

Congratulations to the Duggars!

i.heart.nerds Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 9:58 am

I always like:
Eleanore, Esme, Edmund and Emmett
Peter, Philippa, Percival and Penelope
Jasper, Jessamine, Julian and Johannah
I would never use them, but I can dream 🙂

nate_evie Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 10:24 am

I agree that you would need to pick a letter with lots of choices if you were committed to this mode of naming. Also, if you like the idea, but prefer less overt matchy-ness, a few ways could be to 1) use nicknames that start mid-name, or 2) call them by their middle names, 3) pick a letter that have variable sounds (e.g., C or G can be hard or soft, vowels inherently take on more variable sounds, sometimes silent first letters like K or W, S- or T- vs. Sh or Th-).

leimchugh Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 11:08 am

FUN! If I had to stick to one letter…hmmm…would likely be N, L, C, or maybe S.
A- Ada, Audrey, Archer, Aaron
B-Brielle, Bianca, Brendan, Brody
C-Camille, Claire, Caleb, Calvin
D-Dinah, Daphne, Duncan, Dylan
E-Elsa, Eden, Elvin, Everett
F-Fiona, Farrah, Frederick, Finley
G-Gwen, Gemma, Gibson, Grey
H-Hazel, Heidi, Harvey, Hugo
I-Isla, Ingrid, Isaac, Ian
J-June, Josie, Jack, Jasper
K-Kate, Keira, Keegan, Kai
L- Lilah, Lydia, Levi, Luke
M-Mara, Molly, Max, Mason
N-Norah, Niamh, Nolan, Niles
O-Orpah, Olive, Orville, Omar
P-Penelope, Piper, Patrick, Perry
Q-Quiana, Quilla, Qamar, Quentin
R-Romy, Reya, Reid, Rex
S-Sadie, Scarlett, Simon, Sawyer
T-Tillie, Tricia, Tobias, Theodore
U-Uma, Uriah, Upton, Usher
V-Vera, Vivian, Vince, Victor
W- Willa, Wren, Wesley, Wyatt
X-Xena, Xola, Xavier, Xander
Y-Yvette, Yasmin, Yoshi, Yuri
Z-Zayla, Zoey Zane, Zeke

caty_beth89 Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 11:11 am

I would be more likely to use all names that end the same way. For instance my name is Cathryn, hubby’s is Brian, and our son’s is Benton. I’ve seriously considered giving all of our kids names that end in N. Lachlan, Mason, Gryphon, Arwen, Carigan, Devon, Franklin, Rowan, Teagan…

shellezbellez Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 11:36 am

It was really hard to make that long list. I don’t really ever plan to name kids that way because after a while it gets a bit ridiculous. (I.e., Jinger–I instinctively read it as rhyming with “Singer” the first time I saw it!) Anyway, I had fun making the list, even though I wouldn’t even use a lot of the names. It was interesting to see where I ended up!

For the record, my name and my brother’s name both start with the same letter (Jennifer and Jonathan), but it wasn’t an intentional thing. I know “J” is a good letter for names, too, but twenty…yikes…

jgirl525 Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 12:47 pm

My sisters and I are all “J” names. As a pp said, the first two were coincidence, but since the third of us was MUCH younger, my folks didn’t want her to be/feel left out and so they gave her a “J” also. Love all our names. We also were close friends with a family who were 4 H’s and then a boy named Ryan. Always wondered if he felt left out–the youngest, the only boy, adopted, and not given an “H.” Or maybe after 4 girls the parents saw a chance to take a break from the H names!

Sarah A Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 1:24 pm

The only letter I could seriously see us doing a theme with is E, just because we have so many E names we love and could honor family with. The set below are all family names.

Elaine, Ennis, Eugenia, Edwin

I also love R and S

Rachel, Raffi, Rebecca, Rhett
Susannah, Solomon, Selma, Samuel

klcalder2 Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 1:27 pm

Ok, so I did this list and some of it was very painful (as many of you have found), but I finished each letter. Forgive me if some of these don’t flow or flow too much, but some letters obviously have less choices and others I just used names I love in spite of flow 🙂

A: Alice, Arabella, Arthur, Atticus
B: Brynne, Beatrice, Bennett, Beck
C: Cecilia, Caitlin, Cedric, Callum
D: Deliliah, Dorothea, Dominic, Dashiell
E: Eleanor, Emmeline, Elliot, Ezra
F: Faith, Freya, Felix, Finn
G: Ginevra, Gwyneth, Graham, George
H: Honora, Hermione, Harrison, Holden
I: Imogen, Iris, Isaiah, Ian
J: Juliet, Jessa, Jude, Jonah
K: Katharine, Keira, Kellen, Knox
L: Lily Rose, Lyra, Leander, Liam
M: Maren, Myra, Max, Miles
N: Nora, Noelle, Noah, Nathaniel
O: Olivia, Opal, Oliver, Owen
P: Penelope, Pheobe, Parker, Preston
Q: Quinn (f), Quarry (f), Quillian (m), Quincy (m) UGH
R: Rosalie, Rhiannon, Rowan, Rhys
S: Scarlett, Serena, Sawyer, Stark
T: Tabitha, Tessa, Theodore, Tobias
U: Una (f), Umbria (f), Ulrich (m), Ulysses (m) (not as bad as I thought it would be)
V: Violet, Vivian, Vaughn, Victor
W: Willow, Winter, Winslow, Willis
X: Xanthe, Xena, Xander, Xavier (UGH on the girls)
Y: Yvaine, Yuna, Yannick, Yeats
Z: Zora, Zoe, Zane, Zeke

Some surprising loves of mine in this group: Leander, Quillian, Umbria, Winslow, Zeke
Letters I could keep going on: the A’s, the C’s (girls), the E’s, the L’s (to a lesser extent)

stephanie-elizabeth Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 2:02 pm

A-Aurelia, Alasdair, Amabel, Ambrose
B-Bryony, Benedict, Bianca, Bartholomew
C-Cordelia, Conall, Camille, Chester
D-Delphine, Duncan, Dahlia, Devlin
E-Emelia, Edward, Esther, Ephraim
F-Francesca, Frederick, Flora, Feodor
G-Gunivere, Garett, Genevieve, Grady
H-Hannah, Henry, Honor, Hector
I-India, Ivo, Isolde, Ira
J-Jessamine, Julian, Jemma, Justin
K-Katherine, Kenneth, Kerenza, Konrad
L-Louisa, Lorcan, Lydia, Liam
M-Morwenna, Maxwell, Mirielle, Marcus
N-Nicola, Nigel, Niamh, Niles
O-Oriana, Oliver, Ophelia, Owen
P-Penelope, Patrick, Philippa, Peter
Q-Quilla, Quincy, Questa, Quinten
R-Rosemary, Roland, Remember, Reginald
S-Serena, Samuel, Stella, Soren
T-Tabitha, Tarquin, Tatiana, Tobias
V-Vivienne, Vincent, Violet, Vance

moxielove Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 2:56 pm

Petra, Pilar and Phillipa

mellalou Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 3:17 pm

My grandparents were Kathleen and Kenneth. Their six children are: Karen, Kevin, Kerry, Kathy, Kenny, and Kelly. That makes 8 K’s altogether. Thankfully, it ended there.

pam Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 3:21 pm

I have to say I am just LOVING reading everyone’s ideas for this. Makes me think that sometime we should do a game/exercise like this and have everyone participate — like in the forums, but right out here in public! Thanks everyone for all the great ideas and interesting comments.

loraena Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 3:27 pm

Adele, Atticus, Ava, Abrose
Briony, Barnabus/Barnaby, Beatrix, Basil
Charlotte, Caspar, Cecily, Cole
Evangeline, Ezra, Eden, Ebenezer
Florence, Francis, Felicity, Felix
Imogen, Isaiah, Isobel, Ian
Lola, Liam, Lydia, Lazarus
Opal, Obadiah, Olivia, Oscar
Phoebe, Peter, Pearl, Phineus
Ruby, Rocco, Rebecca, Rhodes
Shiloh, Silas, Sophie, Sebastien
Tatum, Tobias, Talitha, Titus

iheartnames Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 3:39 pm

Q: Quentin, Quiterie, Quirina, Quay
U: Ulysses, Ursula, Undine, Uriah
X: Xavier, Xanthe, Xerxes, Xenia
Y: Yasmin, Yemaya, Yosef, Yasir
Z: Zachary, Zoe, Zane, Zosia

I love the underdog letters! My firstborn is a “Quentin.”

littlebrownpony Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 3:45 pm

I like E, H and R names right now….

Elliot, Eli, Edmund, Eloise, Emilia
Henry, Hayes, Hugo, Harper
Romy, Rosalie, Roscoe, Rufus

gipro2003 Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 3:52 pm

A-Alessio, Astrid, Atlas, Amadea
B-Beckett, Bronwen, Benjamin, Baya
C-Charlotte, Caleb, Charles, Catalina
D-Danilo, Diego, Dacia, Delilah
E-Edwin, Emiliana, Eoin, Ekaterina
F-Finja, Felicity, Florian, Feodor
G-Genevieve, Gregory, Gulliver, Giulia
H-Heath, Harrison, Hannah, Honour
I-Indira, Isadora, Iago, Ilan
J-Jane, Jules, James, Jillian
K-Karsten, Kyle, Karin, Kallista
L-Liesl, Linnea, Lachlan, Lucian
M-Minerva, Maximillian, Milos, Mercy
R-Rhiannon, Rosalie, Rhys, Reilly
S-Sascha, Sebastian, Sofia, Samira
V-Victoria, Valerian, Vladimir, Violette

samjaymc Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 4:36 pm

Eliza *swoon* My all time favourite!

maddiesmama Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 4:50 pm

Both of my kids have M names, Madelaine and Micah. I think that we’re done with having children, but just in case we are holding Marina and Matthias in reserve.

dublin Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 5:15 pm

Ooooh, I love Fiona/Fraser and Solomon/Samson as sibsets. Since we plan to stop after 2, it may not be so bad to have them start with the same initial. Other same-letter names I like a lot:
Casper, Claire, Calliope
Elliot, Evangeline, Emrys, Ezra
Arthur, Abram, Andrew, Alice, Adele, Abner
Penelope, Philippa/Philip, Patrick, Peter

Judith Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 5:24 pm

A: Agnes Aleksi Andrea Amos
B: Beatrice Boris Bridget Benicio
C: Cecilia Christopher Charlotte Cedric
D: Damon Digna Dylan Dolores
E: Elin Ezra Eulalia Emilio
F: Francesca Floyd Fion Fleming
G: Georgina Giles Genevieve Gabriel
H: Hiskia Harry Helena Hyatt
I: Imogen Irving Ida Imre
J: Juliet James Josephine Jared
K: Kate Karl Kirsten Kit
L: Linnet Leo Lauren Linus
M: Marit Magnus Minke Matteo
N: Nova Nikolai Naia Noam
O: Odilia Oliver Oona Otis
P: Pilar Patrick Pandora Philip
R: Robin Rafael Renee Roderick
S: Silje Salvador Sacha Simon
T: Tamsin Titus Teresa Thomas
V: Victoria Valentino Virginia Vincent
Z: Zoe Zef Zara Zeno

Ruthy Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 6:00 pm

Here is my list, with a boy and girl name for each letter:

A- Alexander & Adelaide( Alex & Addie)
B- Benjamin & Beatrice
C- Charles & Coraline( Charlie & Coco)
D- Dexter & Dorothy( Dex & Dottie)
E- Ethan & Eleanor
F- Frederick & Florence ( Love these names)
G- Graham & Gillian
H- Henry & Honor
I- Isaac & Irene
J- Joshua & Josephine
K- Katherine( nn Kay, I don’t like any boy k names for some reason)
L- Leopold & Louisa( Lula)
M- Mitchell & Macy
N- Nolan & Nora
O- Owen & Odessa
P- Peter & Posy
R- Ryan & Rowan
S- Simon & Sylvia
T- Thomas & Tessa
V- Vincent & Vera( My favorite girl name)
W- Winston & Willow
Z- Zion & Zoe

ladybug99 Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 6:49 pm

Adele, Archer, Aaron, Amelia
Bridget, Brookston, Baylor, Brynnlee
Cassia, Crew, Case, Calliope
Daphne, Dexter, Dane, Dixie
Elinor, Emmett, Everett, Elodie
Fallon, Fox, Frost, Farrah
Gemma, Greyson, Griffin, Genevieve
Hope, Holden, Harrison, Holland
Isla, Ian, Isaac, Isadore
Jade, Jonas, Jack, Juniper
Kamiel, Keaton, Keegan, Klara
Loa, Liam, Lincoln, Lea
Mercedes, Malcolm, Maxfield, Melody
Nora, Nolan, Noah, Nicola
Olive, Owen, Oscar, Odette
Poppy, Parker, Prince, Penelope
Ramona, Robert, Roscoe, Rebekah
Sosie, Silas, Samson, Sesily
True, Tyler, Tennyson, Tallulah
Violet, Vaughn, Vincenzio, Vivienne
Willa, Winston, Wyatt, Waverley
Zara, Zekeiel, Zander, Zofia

ellieberry Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 7:30 pm

A – Abram, Axel, Aurora, Alabama
B – Bowen, Bram, Blythe, Bettina
C – Cyrus, Colfax, Cecelia, Canna
D – Duncan, Dexter, Delilah, Danae
E – Eveleen, Elspeth, Ezra, Emmett
F – Felicity, Francesca, Forrest, Finnick
G – Gillian, Greer, Garrison, Griffin
H – Hallow, Hazel, Hendrix, Hamilton
I – Imogene, Indigo, Ignatius, Issac
J – Jolene, Juniper, Jedidiah, Jasper
K – Kezia, Kassandra, Knight, Kane
L – Lavender, Luella, Lincoln, Loyal
M – Myles, Micah, Miette, Maeme
N – Nolan, Niko, Nella, November
O – Oscar, Orion, Opal, Odelle
P – Phoenix, Porter, Persephone, Primrose
Q – Quentin, Quaid, Quinlyn, Qiturah
R – Rosemary, Reverie, Reuben, Rhett
S – Sander, Sullivan, Sela, Simone
T – Tobiah, Theon, Tabitha, Tuesday
U – Uriah, Ugo, Uma, Ursula
V – Vermont, Vaughn, Vivabelle, Valencia
W – Wendy, Wren, Wyatt, Wolf
X – Xavier, Xander, Xanthe, Xia
Y – Yardly, York, Ynes, Yuki
Z – Zephyr, Zebulon, Zofia, Zuzanna

crescentmoon Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 8:39 pm

A- August, Adele, Auria and Atlas
B- Bennet, Blythe, Beatrix, Barnaby
C-Calista, Coraline, Casper, Callum
D- Dalhia, Delphine, Dashiell, Damian
E- Ezra, Emmett, Eva, Eloise
F- Fable, Felicity, Felix, Finn
G- Gemma, Gwendolyn, George, Gray
H- Haven, Heidi, Holden, Henry
I- Ivan, Inigo, Isadora, Imogen
J- Jocasta, Jago, Jasper, Juno,
K- Katarina, Kingston, Kerensa, Kent
L- Lorcan, Leo, Luna, Lapis
M- Minerva, Merlin, Maude, Marco
N- North, Nova, Nerine, Nate,
O- Olliver, Odessa, Orpheus, Ophelia
P- Phineous, Penelope, Patrick, Primrose
R- Rhys, Rafael, Ruby, Roxanna
S- Seamus, Silas, Scarlet, Sonnet
T- Tristan, Theo, Thalia, Tamsin
V- Violet, Verity, Victor, Valerian
W- Willow, Wisteria, Winslow, Whit,
Z- Zara, Zadie, Zach, Zane

lyddy Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 8:41 pm

This is too tempting nit to have a go:
Albert Amelia Axel Adele
Edmund Elsie Eamon Elodie
Felix Felicity Finlay Faith
Henry Harriet Huey Hope
Isaac Imogen Ivo Iris
Jasper Juniper Jonah Joss
Lucian Lyra Leon Lola
Michael Mathilda Moses Mabel
Otto Olive Oscar Opal
Rowan Rosa Rupert Roisin
Sullivan Sara Samson Serena
Theodore Talitha Torin Tessa
Vincent Verity Vaughn Viola
Wilfred Wren Walter Willow

Cclb119 Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 8:43 pm

I have alternatives:
C: Clare, Candice, Caleb, Christopher
G: Georgia, Genevieve, Gustave, Gideon
I: Indigo, Izabella, Isaac, Ivan
L: Leah, Lucas, Landon, Lilac
N: Nicolette, Nina, Nolan, Nathaniel
R: Richard, Roxana, Raina, Ramon
V: Vail, Vlad, Vittoria, Vivienne
Q: Quigley, Quadir, Quincie, Quorra
U: Una, Ursanne, Ulysses, Uriel,
W: Whitnie, Wayne, Wyatt, Willow
X: Xenos, Xavier, Xandra, Xiomara
Y: Yael (girl), Yasmin, Yakov, Yorick
Z: Zoe, Zak, Zane, Zahara

loraena Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 9:28 pm

okay, letters I wasn’t ready with last time: =)

Daphne, Dominic, Dalilah, Diego
Gemma, Gideon, Grace, Giles
Haven, Hudson Honor, Henry
Jemima, Jude, Jane, Jasper
Keziah, Kale, Karis, Kai
Margaret, Miles, Matilda, Malachi
Nellie, Noah, Noella, Nathaniel
Quincy (boy)
Eunice, Uzziah
Verity, Vincent, Violet, Valentin
Wren, William, Waverly, Walter
Xavier (boy)
Yael, Yancy, Yasmina, Yule
Zoe, Zachariah, Zora, Zane

linzybindi Says:

November 15th, 2011 at 11:43 pm

Oh nameberry this is why I love you so…

Antonia, Achilles, Audrea, Anderson
Blythe, Bennett, Beatrix, Bryant
Carys, Cecil, Catriona, Callahan
Daphne, Dashiell, Della, Declan
Eliza, Ewan, Elle, Evander
Finola, Flannery, Felicity, Felix
Gwyneth, Gannon, Geneva, Gareth
Hazel, Hershell, Helen, Harris
Isadora, Ivan, Imogen, Ignatius
Juliette, Jude, Junia, Justus
Katherine, Kavanaugh, Katia, Keats
Linnea, Lachlan, Lena, Lex
Magnolia, Maverick, Millicent, Magnus
Neve, Nixon, Nora, Nigel
Ophelia, Octavius, Odessa, Ogden
Penelope, Peregrine, Phoebe, Perry
Ravenna, Rafferty, Rue, Reed
Selah, Sullivan, Susannah, Sennett
Tallulah, Thaddeus, Tamsin, Theron
Veda, Vaughn, Verity, Victor
Wisteria, Whittaker, Winslet, Warner
Zofia, Zeke, Zinnia, Zevi

ty13 Says:

November 16th, 2011 at 12:15 am

This is harder than it looks! Nice to look outside of my usual favorites.

Adam, Annika, Aaron, Alice
Bianca, Brett, Beatrice, Brendan
Celia, Claude, Caroline, Cole
Danika, Dmitri, Day, Decker
Eleanor, Enzo, Evie, Eli
Felix, Faye, Franz, Francesca
Georgia, Gray, Giselle, Gus
Hugh, Hillary, Henry, Heidi
Isaac, Ivanka, Ian, Isla
Jillian, Jack, June, Jesse
Kay, Kenyon, Kelly, Kristian
Liv, Lance, Lucia, Luke
Margot, Max, Mila, Marco
Natalie, Nolan, Nell, Noah
Oliver, Octavia, Omar, Olympia
Phoebe, Pedro, Paige, Pablo
Reed, Ramona, River, Roxanna
Sally, Spencer, Sylvie, Stone
Tess, Theodore, Tali, Tomas
Vivian, Vlad, Valentina, Viggo
Winter, William, Wren, Wolf

evergreen Says:

November 16th, 2011 at 12:34 am

Ooh fun, I will do my favourite letters 🙂

August, Atticus, Archer, Amelia & Agnes ( I know thats ore than four but I love so many A names, I could go on)

Caspian, Cy, Clementine & Clover

Finnegan, Frederick, Florence, Francesca

Oliver, Orson, Odessa & Olwen

Phinneas, Patrick, Persophone & Pearl

Rafferty, Rufus, Ramona & Ruby

Vincent, Valentine, Vivienne & Violet

dillonsfan01 Says:

November 16th, 2011 at 12:41 am

I would do A, C, D, or G for my own family if I chose to do one letter 🙂

A – Amelia, Anastasia, Arthur & Anson
B – Bianca, Bridgette, Blaise & Benjamin
C – Clara, Charlotte, Charles & Claude
D – Daneel, Daphne, Dean, & Dominic
E – Elena, Eulalia, Edward & Easton
F – Francesca, Fiona, Frederick & Ferdinand
G – Giselle, Gabrielle, George & Graham
H – Hannah, Hala, Henry & Howard
J – Juliette, Johanna, Joel & Jackson
K – Kateri, Kimora, Kendall & Knox
L – Lucy, Lillian, Liam & Lucas
M – Mary, Molly, Maximilian & Michael
N – Natalie, Naomi, Nico, & Noah
O – October, Orchid, Owen, & Oak
P – Philomena, Philippa, Paul & Peter
Q – Queenie, Quinn, Qunicy & Quanah
R – Reina, Rhoda, Richard & Roman
S – Seraphina, Sylvie, Shane & Samuel
T – Trinity, Tenley, Theo & Tyler
U – Upton, Urban & Usher (they would have to be all boys 😉 )
V – Victoria, Veronica, Vincent & Vance
W – Willa, Waverly, William & Walter
X – Xia, Xiomara, Xander & Xavier
Y – Yasmine, Ysenia, Yuri & Yosemite
Z – Zofia, Zahara, Zechariah & Zane

FranA Says:

November 16th, 2011 at 1:04 am

Adela, Alice, Asher, August
Beatrice, Bianca, Bennett, Bryson
Cora, Carys, Caleb, Cole
Daphne, Delia, Desmond, Duncan
Eva, Eloise, Edison, Enzo
Fiona, Flora, Finnigan, Felix
Gabrielle, Ginevra, Griffin, Gunnar
Hazel, Hallie, Henry, Hugo
Iris, Imogen, Isaac, Ignatius
Josephine, Juliet, Jack, Jonah
Kylie, Kenzie, Kohl, Knox
Libby, Lana, Levi, Lennox
Maeve, Mia, Max, Miles
Neve, Naomi, Noah, Nico
Olivia, Ophelia, Omri, Owen
Phoebe, Pearl, Paxton, Phineas
Renee, Rose, Remy, Roland
Sadie, Sofia, Sebastian, Sawyer
Tessa, Tabitha, Theodore, Thomas
Violet, Vivian, Victor, Vance
Willow, Winifred, Wesley, Willis
Yvette, Yael, York, Ysidro
Zoe, Zara, Zoran, Zaden

vivtaliesin Says:

November 16th, 2011 at 11:25 am

A – Amity, Aurelia, August, Abbot
B – Bellamy , Blythe, Bowen, Beckett,
C – Charlotte, Cecilia, Cabot, Christopher
D – Delphine, Daphne, Davis, Darby
E – Eloise, Elizabeth, Everett, Eaton
F – Flora, Felicity, Fletcher, Finn
G – Georgia, Gwyneth, Gray, Garrison
H -Hadley, Hollis, Henry, Hawthorne
I – Indira, Ivy, Iago, Ignatius
J -June, Jade Jett, Joel

thats all i have for now – I will be back!

PrincessNoriBori Says:

November 16th, 2011 at 5:44 pm

This is too tempting, I’ve got to have a go at this…

A – Alice, Andromeda, Asher and Aaron
B – Beatrix, Briar, Bennett and Barnaby
C – Calvin, Callum, Cordelia and Caoimhe
D – December, Diana, Duncan and Dashiell
E – Eve, Emmeline, Everett and Edmund
F – Frances, Fiona, Flynn and Felix
G – Geneva, Guinivere, Gideon and Gale
H – Henry, Hugo, Helena and Hermione
I – Isadora, Imogen, Isaiah and Ian
J – Johanna, January, Josiah and Judah
K – Karina, Kirstie, Kieran and Kingston
L – Lauren, Lilith, Leo and Lucas
M – Mira, Michelle, Miles and Micah
N – Natalia, Nell, Noah and Niles
O – Ophelia, Octavia, Owen and Oliver
P – Petra, Philippa, Patrick and Paul
R – Rose, Rowena, Rhett and Rafael
S – Stella, Susannah, Sullivan and Salem
T – Tatiana, True, Tristan and Tobias
V – Viola, Vida, Vincent and Valentin
W – Wednesday, Wren, Winslow and Wyatt

miloowen Says:

November 16th, 2011 at 8:04 pm

I wanna play!
Angharad, Alys, Alasdair, Albert
Brangwen, Brigid, Bertram, Blaise
Caitlin, Cecily, Colm, Crispin
Dilys, Dafna, David, Dunstan
Elinor, Enid, Edmund, Eben
Frances, Fritha, Frederick, Fergus
Gillian, Gwyneth, George, Giles
Helen, Honour, Hugh, Harvey
Imogen, Irina, Isaac, Ivor
Jane, Jemima, Josiah, Jotham
Katharine, Keziah, Keir, Kenelm
Louisa, Lucia, Louis, Leith
Margaret, Martha, Michael, Maxim
Naomi, Ninian, Noam, Nathaniel
Olwen, Olympia, Owein, Obadiah
Quentin (sorry, it’s the only one I like)
Rachel, Rosamund, Rafael, Rupert
Silvana, Sophia, Simon, Simcha
Tamsin, Thalia, Thomas, Tobias
Vera, Victoria, Vivian, Valentine
Willow, Winifred, William, Waldo
Yehudit, Yael, Yitzhak, Ya’akov
Zipporah, Zilpha, Zvi, Zachariah

shinysarah11 Says:

November 18th, 2011 at 12:08 am

A- Adah, Astoria, Anderson, Abel
B- Beatrix, Beckett, Britta, Benjamin
C- Clara, Charlotta, Christian, Callum
D- Dixie, Dexter, David, Daria
E- Ellison, Edwin, Estra, Emmeline
F- Florence, Franklin, Finn, Fallon
G- Gemma, Garrett, Ginger, Gray
H- Hazel, Honoria, Hartley, Hendrix (love H names)
I- Isadora, Imogen, Ian, India
J- Jackson, Jenison, Jana, Juliet
K- Katherina, Kingsley, Kirsta, Kenton
L- Lilac, Lyric, Lincoln, Larsen
M- Mabel, Mason, Monroe, Millie
N- Nala, Nicholas, Navy, Nola
O- Olive, Oscar, Odessa, Orion
T- Theodora, Tessa, Tyson, Tobin

El Veeb Says:

November 26th, 2011 at 5:52 am

Here are my picks:

A–Amy, Arron, Aurelia, Anton
B–Briley, Bria, Brennan, Bryan
C–Christina, Crimson, Corwin, Corvus
D–Desiree, Danica, Domenic, Dante
E–Erin, Emmett, Erik, Enriqueta
F–Flavia, Florida, Finley, Fiorenzo
G–Gabriel,Graciela, Giovanna, Gideon
H–Henrik, Holly, Hristo, Harper
I–Ilona, Iridian, Isaac, Isaiah
J–Jared, Jonathan, Jorda, Jacynthe
K–Kilian, Karolina, Kyle, Kieran
L–Lilith, Lolita, Lucius, Lorenzo
M–Miranda, Milenka, Mario, Micah
N–Nyx, Nathaniel, Natalia, Noelle
O–Orianna, Owen, Ophelia, Orion
P–Paolo, Patrick, Persephone, Payton
Q–Quinn, Quentin, Quayla, Quianna (pronounced Kayla/Kianna)
R–Roanna, Regan, Richard, Remy
S–Sestiva, Spencer, Sin, Serafina
T-Tuomas,Taelia, Talos, Tavia
U–Ulrika, Umberto, Ugo, Urszula
V-Valerian, Vexx, Valencia, Veritas
W–Winter, Wisteria, Waldemar, Wilder
X–Xandra, Xayra (that’s it, haha)
Y–Yeva, Yannick, Ylana, Yuri
Z–Zoltan, Zdenka, Zoe, Zachary

I did it! Except for X, of course- that was hard!

emilymaryjane Says:

December 29th, 2011 at 7:22 pm

A- Amy, Anastasia, Andrew, Anthony

B- Bethany, Brittany, Benjamin, Brian

C-Catherine, Caroline, Cassius, Casper

D- Daisy, Danika, Donovan, Darren

E-Emily, Elizabeth, Elijah, Emmett

F-Frances, Freda, Fredrick, Finlay

G-Grace, Greta, Gregory, Gabriel

H- Hannah, Hope, Hollis, Henry

I- Imogen, Isla, Isaac, Isaiah

J- Jessica, Jane, Joseph, Jacob

K- Katie, Keely, Kristin, Keiran

L- Lauren, Lisa, Lawrence, Lily

M- Michaela, Misty, Michael, Mitchell

N- Nancy, Nigel, Natalie, Noel

O- Olivia, Oliver, Opal, Oscar

P- Priscilla, Peter, Phoebe, Paul

Q: Quinn, Quentin, Qiana (Kiana), Queenie

R- Rachel, Rosalie, Robert, Ross

S- Sarah, Sasha, Samuel, Sophie

T- Tamara, Tara, Thomas, Tyler

U- Ursula, Upton, Urban,

V- Vivienne, Violet, Victor, Vida

W- Warrik, Wendell. Wendy, Wiktoria

X- Xanthe, Xandra, Xavier, Xenia

Y- Yasmine, Yorrick, Yvette, Yvonne

Z: Zoe, Zora, Zachary, Zara

emilymaryjane Says:

December 29th, 2011 at 7:24 pm

I’ll just add one for U so I have done them all Unity

emilymaryjane Says:

December 29th, 2011 at 7:25 pm

U- Ursula, Upton, Urban, Unity

Yay I did them all

CaliRN4kids Says:

January 2nd, 2012 at 6:28 pm

Abigail Aidan Ava Aaron

Brooke Brett Brenna Brady

Courtney Caleb Camille Cody

Danielle Dylan Darcy Devin

Eloise Evan Elizabeth Everett

Fiona Finn Felicity Fitz

Gianna Grady Grace Gage

Hannah Hunter Haley Hyatt

Isabella Ian Ireland Isaac

Juliana Jackson Jeannine Joel

Kinsey Keith Kirsten Kyle

Lyndsay Logan Libby Lucas

Monique Mitch Mallory Matthew

Natalie Nicholas Nora Nathan

Ohara Oren Orion Olivier

Penelope Pierce Paige Patrick

Quenby Quill Quay Quinn

Ruby Rowan Renae Reid

Summer Spencer Sadie Sean

Tasha Tyler Tanner Tristan

Ulla Uilliam Unity Uri

Violet Vincent Valerie Vaughn

Willow Wesley Whitney Wyatt

Xabrina Xavier Xenia Xander

Ynez Yale Yara Yeats

Zoe Zachary Zara Zander

Westfall620 Says:

February 1st, 2012 at 11:33 pm

A: Amelia, Audrey, Atticus, Alec
B: Bianca, Bella, Bentley, Beckett
C: Cassie, Crysta, Colten, Conner
D: Delilah, Desiré, Dexter, Damien
E: Ella, Emma, Ezekiel, Elijah
F: Fallon, Francesca, Flynn, Fletcher
G: Gabriella, Graciella, Gaige, Gabriel
H: Haley, Hope, Henry, Holden
I: Isabella, Ilayna, Isaac, Isaiah
J: Juliet, Jayla, Jensen, Jace
K: Keiran, Kiana, Kingston, Kruz
L: Leah, Lila, Lennon, Lucas
M: Madeleine, Marissa, Maddox, Matteo
N: Natasha, Noah, Nicolas, Nathaniel
O: Olivia, Odessa, Orion, Osiris
P: Peyton, Paige, Penn, Paxton
Q: Quinn, Qeiran(Keiran), Quentin, Quade
R: Rhiannen, Rachel, Roman, Reid
S: Sophia, Sawyer, Samuel, Sebastien
T: Tiffany, Tuesday, Twain, Tristan
V: Violet, Vienna, Valentino, Vinny
W: Winnie, Willow, Walker, Wyatt
X: Xayla, Xia, Xavier, Xander
Z: Zoey, Zayla, Zacariah, Zavier

NixieBVilda Says:

February 14th, 2012 at 11:13 pm

I want to try this out…. Let’s see,… I guess these would be the names I would use from off the top of my head…. (I already have names picked out for if I ever have children, so those might be mixed in there lol)

A – Aurora, Augustine, Acacia, Aleksander
B – Brighid, Boris, Baye, Benjamin
C – Celestine, Corvus, Cadence, Calrissian
D – Dahlia, Dexter, Delilah, Dorian
E – Ellony, Elliot, Esme, Emerson
F – Felicitie, Finias, Florence, Fox
G – Gretchen, Gideon, Genevieve, Gregory
H – Honora, Harley, Haven, Hadrian
I – Ivy, Ivan, Inali, Ira
J – Jessamine, Johnson, Journey, Jacobi
K – Kassidy, Kane, Kalista, Kiern
L – Lyris, Luka, Lenore, Lucian
M – Margaretta, Marius, Magnolia, Magnus
N – Nathalie, Noah, Noemie, Nethaniel
O – Ophelia, Oren, Oleander, Oliver
P – Phoenix, Phillip, Piper, Patrick
Q – Quintessa, Quinlan, Quennelle,Quincy
R – Raine, Rhys, Roxie, Reid
S – Saga, Sayer, Seraphine, Soren
T – Tabitha, Tobias, Tora, Tybalt
U – Ulfa, Ulrik, Ursa, Uri
V – Vivienne, Victor, Vanessa, Valentine
W – Willow, Warrick, Wisteria, Wilde
X – Xaia, Xavier, Xora, Xander
Y – Yvette, Yosef, Yseult, Yule
Z – Zeira, Zaine, Zasha, Zen

zaneylaney97 Says:

February 20th, 2012 at 11:28 pm

A- Amy, Anais, Archer, Atley
B- Blaire, Brenner, Benjamin, Bently
C- Cassandra,Calliope, Cameron, Carter
D- Daphne, Dominique, Damien, Darren
E- Emerson, Elliana, Elliot, Evan
F- Fallon, Faye, Fabian, Fynn
G- Giselle, Gwen, Gabriel, Guy
H- Hadley, Hailey, Hayden, Haddison
I- Ivy, Isha, Ian, Ivan
J- Jessabelle, Jacqueline, Joshua, Jacob
K- Khloe, Kianna, Kenton, Kaden
L- Lina, Lucy, Lucas, Larson
M- Madeline, Marci, Mason, Mathew
N- Natalia, Noelle, Nathan, Nolan
O- Olivia, Odessa, Owen, Oliver
P- Phoebe, Piper, Phillip, Pax
Q- Quinn, Queeny, Quinton, Quincy
R- Rowan, Rae, Reese, Reid
S- Sabrina, Sasha, Samuel, Sebastien
T- Tatiana, Thalia, Timothy, Tristan
U- Ula, Uni, Umi, Ulz
V- Verina, Valerie, Vincent, Victor
W- Willow, Winnie, Warren, Wyatt
X- Xandra, Xaviera, Xavier, Xander
Y- Yasmin, Yale, Yates, Yoel
Z- Zofie, Zoe, Zachary, Zane

kalotat Says:

March 11th, 2012 at 10:16 pm

A- Abigale,Alyssa,Anthony,Austin
B- Bree,Bridgette,Bobby,Berry
C- Catherine,Carla,Camron,Colby
D- Dianna,Danielle,Demitry,Devon
E- Emrald,Emilia,Eliott,Ethan
F- Faith,Faye,Fernando,Flynn
G- Geena,Gabriella,Gavin,Gabe
H- Hannah,Hope,Hayden,Haymitch
I- Inna,Ivy,Issac,Issiah
J- Jewel,Jazmine,Jeff,Jake
K- Kassidy,Kayla,Kevin,Kamron
L- Laurah,Lilly,Leon,Leo
M- Mia,Maya,Marco,Mason
N- Nancy,Nicole,Nelson,Nate
O- Olive,Opal,Owen,Omar
P- Pheobe,Penny,Phill,Phineas
Q- Quinn,Quinnlynn,Quintin,Quinsie
R- ????
S- Sally,Sandra,Sam,Soyer
T- Tiffany,Talia,Timothy,Todd
U- ????
V- Victoria,Vironica,Victor,Vincent
W- ????
X- ????
Y- Yasmine,Yaelah,Yoel,York
Z- Zoe,Zophina,Zackary,Zander

leann96 Says:

March 12th, 2012 at 6:58 am

these names are gonna be for girls only.

A- Adelaide, Aslyn, Althea, Anastasia
B- Blair, Beatrice, Beckett, Briar
C- Constance,Cricket,Claudette,Cornelia
D- Demitria,Daphne,Delancey,Delaney
E- Echo, Evans, Esther, Everleigh
F- Faye, Fiona, Fallon, Finley
G- Ginger, Greenlee, Gretchen, Gwen
H- Hadley, Harper, Hollis, Hortensia
I- Isla, Illyanna, Ilene, Irene
J- Joanie, Janette, Joanna, Jolie
K- Korin,Kimberly,Kennedy,Kimper
L- Larryn, Langston, Lyric, Lennox
M- Mercer, McKenna, Margo, Miriam
N- Natalee, Naomi, Nina, Noella
O- Oakley, Octavia, October, Odette
P- Phoebe, Parker, Pepper, Pebbles
Q- Quinn, Queeny, Quinilla, Quinita
R- Rowan, Rhona, Remy, Rooney
S- Sutton, Sparrow, Sawyer, Stockley
T- Torrance, Troian, Tatum, Tessaleigh
U- Uma, Ursa, Uvie, Ullie
V- Vega, Velma, Valencia, Valentina
W- Waverly, Weatherly, Whitley, Whitier
X- Xaviera, Xabrina, Xina, Xahlia
Y- Yanna, Yale, Yara, Yazmine
Z- Zowie, Zale, Zara, Zelda

amylette Says:

March 25th, 2012 at 10:34 am

A – Austin, Auden, Aurelie, Ayla

B – Bradly, Barlow, Brailee, Brie

C – Coa, Cannon, Clara, Caroline

D – Denver, Dawson, Darcie, Delilah

E – Easton, Ezra, Emmaline, Elena

F – Forest, Finn, Faye, Fenna

G – Gage, Gunner, Guinevere, Greer

H – Harvey, Hudson, Hanna, Harlow

I – Isaac, Israel, Isla, Isobel

J – Jackson, Joseph, Josephine, Juno

K – Koa, Kai, Kayli, Khloe

L – Luca, Logan, Lucille, Loreli

M – Madden, Mason, Molly, Mila

N – Nile, Nate, Nyla, Nova

O – Oscar, Oren, Ona, Oleysa

P – Parker, Paedon, Peyson, Penelope

Q – Quinn

R – River, Roan, Raine, Rosalie

S – Samuel, Solomon, Serphina, Salem

T – True, Trace, Tera, Tenleigh

U –

V –

W – Willa, Wren, Warren, Wensley

X –
Y –
Z –

MrsWilson Says:

April 24th, 2012 at 9:44 am

Our kids all have a middle name that starts with R: Rose, Riley, Rowan and Rory.

KateM91 Says:

July 31st, 2012 at 3:16 pm

My grandparent’s used K for all their kids:
Kent, Kurt, Kevin, Keith, Kraig, and Kara.

I have cousin’s named Karen, Kacy, Kristen, Kraig, and Kyle. I am Kate!

I also have cousin’s named Tyler, Tanner, and Thomas. Then, there’s Dillon and Dalton. Sticking with the same beginning letter is almost a tradition in my family. I don’t plan on continuing it…but I would probably go with:

Brody, Benjamin, Bentley, and Brooks.

Gwen5 Says:

October 7th, 2012 at 9:34 pm

My cousin used the whole K sounding names for all of her kids: Cameron, Kennedy, Kaia, Kiera, and Camden. C’s for boys and K’s for girls.

Alaric Allegra Ariadne August
Beck Bennett Brenda Brielle
Camilla Charles Christopher Claire
Damien Dawn Dianna Dimitri
Ebon Eli Ellen Ezra
Fallon Faye Felix Fletcher
Gordan Grace Gray Gwyneth
Harper Holland Hope Henry
Iona Ira Isaac Isla
Jackson Jade Jessa Jude
Kate Kendra Kieran Kyle
Leo Lia Luke Lydia
Magnolia Maura Miles Monroe
Nadia Nick Noah Nora
Oliver Olivia Oriana Orion
Parker Peter Phoenix Pia
Quill Quincy Quinn Quinten
Raina Reid Rhodes River
Sadiya Samuel Shawn Sheila
Tanja Thayer Temperance Trevor
Valentino Vera Vince Vivienne
Walker Wendy William Whitney
Xander Xandra Xavier Xia
Zach Zander Zara Zia

musiccitymama Says:

November 9th, 2012 at 2:24 pm

How fun! We have an L sibset happening in our family…wasn’t really what we intended when we started our family, but once we had two L names, we decided to run with it. It actually helped narrow down names for us! We have Luke, Lily, Londyn, and are expecting our fourth this spring. If it’s a boy, his name will be Levi (it’s been our top boy pick since we named our first one!). If it’s a girl, we don’t know for sure what her name will be…but potential names on the list are Liv, Lucy, Lexi, Lauralyn, Lorelei, Lindsay, Leah, Lydia and Laila. Other boy names that were once on the list…Lincoln and Leo. 🙂

I have to say, this name game takes me back…when I was little, I would make my little sister play this with me! This one is a little tougher, though…I only made her come up with one boy and one girl for each letter. 🙂

Asher, Adelaide, Annie, Austin
Bethany, Bonnie, Benjamin, Boston
Chelsea, Charlotte, Charlie, Christian
David, Danielle, Dixie, Dustin
Emma, Ella, Evan, Eli
Faith, Franklin, Forest, Farrah
Grace, Genevieve, George, Gentry
Henry, Hazel, Harrison, Helena
Ian, Isla, Isaac, Isabela
Jordan, Jack, Jenna, Juliet
Kate, Kyle, Kennedy, Kiefer
Luke, Lily, Londyn, Lucy, Levi
McKenna, Molly, Micah, Max
Noah, Nicole, Nolan, Norah
Oliver, Owen, Ophelia, Opal
Piper, Penelope, Parker, Preston
Quentin, Quincy, Quinn, Querida
Rose, Rhys, Roxie, Ryan
Samuel, Silas, Skylar, Scarlett
Teagan, Trent, Trey, Talia
Ulysses, Una, Uli, Uzziah
Victor, Vance, Violet, Veda
Will, Wyatt, Willow, Wren
Xavier, Xander, Xandra, Xera
Yancy, Yasmin, Yvette, Yale
Zephaniah, Zane, Zoe, Zia

HerMajesty Says:

December 30th, 2012 at 7:18 pm

A-Aurora, Anthony, Arabella, Arielah, Arthur
B-Belle, Benjiman, Bea, Belinda
C-Catalina, Creighton, Calypso, Cleopatra, Cora, Clarence, Cornelius
D-Drucilla, Drew
E-Eugene, Edward, Ella, Elin
F-Fiona, Fia, Fredrick
G-Gwynithe, Genevieve, Georgiana, Gabriel
H-Helen, Halo, Henry
I-Irina, Ivan, Ian, Ishmeal
J-Joash, Jehoshebeth, Jesse, Jewel
K-Kate, Kelyn, Kallisto
L-Leia, Leilah, Laney, Lucas
M-Melanie, Melody, Mercy, Marcus
N-Natasha, Nicholas, Nathaniel
O-Olena, Ophelia, Oriana, Octavian
P-Percy, Pricilla, Parin
Q-Quincy, Quinleigh, Queenie
R-Remington, Robin, Robert
S-Stella, Sara, Shoshannah
T-Tobias, Teagan, Terra
U-Ulysses, Ulrick
V-Vanessa, Valerie, Vince, Vladimer
W-Winona, Willa, Willow, Willie
X-Xandra, Xander, Xenia
Y-Yvaine, Yvette, Yolanda
Z-Zarabeth, Zoey, Zane, Ziva

Jinxgirl Says:

January 4th, 2013 at 3:17 pm

A- Angelina, Alicia, Adam, Alexander
B- Bellamy, Brooke, Bailey, Bennett
C- Cristina, Cassandra, Calder, Cordelia
D- Daniel, Derek, Delilah, Dominick
E- Eliza, Eleanor, Emmanuel, Elias
F- Faith, Francisca, Frederick
G- Georgia, Grace, Garrett, Gabriel
H- Hayley, Houston, Heather
I- India, Isaac, Irina
J- Jesse, Julia, Jade, Joseph
K- Katarina, Keegan, Kristina
L- Leah, Liam, Lydia, Lucian
M- Mara, Micah, Michaela, Matthias
N- Nathaniel, Nicholas, Naomi, Nicola
O- Olivia, Odetta, Orlando
P- Paul, Phaedra, Penelope
!- Quentin, Quinn
R- Rikarah, Riley, Rosemary, Ray
S- Susannah, Sarah, Samuel
T- Tobias, Thea, Tara, Trey
U- Ulrick, Una
V- Vanessa, Vincent, Victoria, Veronica
W- Wade, William, Willow, Wyatt
X- Xander, Xandra, Xylia, Xena
Y- Yasmine, Yvette
Z- Zara, Zachariah, Zipporah

hardcore93 Says:

January 6th, 2013 at 10:08 pm

A- Adam, Aster, Aurora, Ariel
B- Barnabus, Benjamin, Beatrice, Bailey
C- Carter, Caleb, Corrin, Camile
D- Daniel, Darwin, Dorris, Daisy
E- Eben, Enter, Emily, Ester
F- Felix, Fredric, Falon, Freya
G- Gerard, Geoffrey, Gemine, Grace
H- Harper, Henry, Hattie, Heather
I- Ian, Isaac, Isabelle, Ivy
J- Jasper, Jack, Jillian, Jessie
K- Kyle, Kayden, Katie, Kimmy
L- Louis, Liam, Lacy, Lavender
M- Michael, Marshall, Mikayla, Mazarine
N- Nelson, Neo, Nikki, Natalie
O- Oscar, Orlando, Ophelia, Olivia
P- Peter, Pfifer, Penny, Primrose
Q- Quarry, Quinton, Quinlan, Qualee
R- Remus, Roman, Rachael, Reena
S- Samson, Skyler, Saffron, Sybil
T- Thomas, Tyger, Tali, Teegan
U- Ulysses, Uma
V- Victor, Vladimere, Violet, Vena
W- Wyatt, Welmer, Willis, Whishelle
X- Xavier, Xena
Y- Yodder, Yvette
Z- Zion, Zackary, Zelda, Zina

KjStormy Says:

July 11th, 2013 at 1:14 am

A-Asha, Adelaide, Aaron, Aidan
B-Bianca, Beth, Ben, Blake
C-Charlie, Cara, Christian, Cale
D-Danika, Dayla, Dominic, Dean
E-Eden, Echo, Ethan, Eric
F-Faye and Freya (Don’t like any boy F names)
G-Gracie, Gemma, Grant, Gabriel
H-Harmony, Honour, Hunter, Hamish
I-Isla, Ishkabel, Ian, Isaac
J-Jada, Jael, Jett, Jeremy
K-Kaci, Kayla, Kye, Kaiden
L-Lamb, London, Luka, Lachlan
M-Mya, Mackenzie, Mitchell, Michael
N-Neve, Nora, Noah, Nate
O-Olivia, October, Owen
P-Patience, Payton, Peter, Pai
Q-Quinn and ????
R-Rosa, Rekha, Ryan, Rohan
S-Sylvia, Skye, Sage, Sven
T-Tori, Tammy, Tristan, Tyler
V-Veronica, Violet, Victor, ??
W-Winter, Willow, William, ??
X-Xander and Xavier (not sure about girls)
Y-Yulia, Yasmin, York and ??
Z-Zoe, Zach and Zeek

Robin_Nicole Says:

February 3rd, 2014 at 7:25 pm

my family does a theme. dad is robert, mom is rhonda, then older brother robert, robin, then younger brothers rodney, riley, ryan, and one more on the way.. family is trying to decide between ryder raxton and russell. i am the only girl.

misskendra Says:

February 3rd, 2014 at 10:16 pm

Anna, Alec, Aaliyah, Abram
Brenna, Beck, Beatrix, Baylor
Calla, Creighton, Celeste, Colt
Delilah, Dean, Daria, Donovan
Elizabeth, Emmanuel, Everett, Emily
Felicity, Freya, Finn, falcon
Graham, Gianna, georgio, grace
Heath, Hillary, hope, Henry
Isac, Icy, Isla, Ivan
Johnny, Janna, Jackson, June
Keith, Kellan, Kate, Kyla
Lorena, Lachlan, Leonard, Lacey
Marlowe, Maggie, Michael, Mattaius
Nicco, Natalia, Nolan, Nash
Olive, Orson, Octavia, Orlando
Paxton, poppy, Percy, Piper
Raymond, Rosalia, Rosston, Raina
Sterling, Stella, Simon, Scarlett
Tressa, Thalia, Tyler, Trenton
Veronica, Victoria, Vincent, Vaughn
Waverly, Willa, Wyatt, West
Xenia, Xavier
Zachariah, Zion, Zinnia, Zuri

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