Popular Baby Names 2009: From here, there and everywhere

Popular Baby Names 2009: From here, there and everywhere

We’ve still got five months to wait before we get the official word on what the top names across America were in 2009, but in the meantime we can console ourselves with the lists that have started to come in of the most popular names in various US cities, states and even individual hospitals, and in in other cities and countries around the world.

One thing seems clear: the romantic trio of Isabella, Sophia and Olivia is running a three-way race for first place in many areas of  the world, while Jack continues his reign in a number of English-speaking countries.

We’ve been looking  at the lists that have been released so far and have put together a selection (or hodgepodge) of some of the more interesting choices: top-ranked international names that are barely known to us, surprising choices that have popped up in unexpected places, and just plain noteworthy names–and we’ll be updating it as more results come in.


ANDELA  —  #2 in Serbia

AOIFE  —  # 4 in Derry, Northern Ireland

AURORA  —  #8 in Finland

CHARLOTTE —  #2 in Canberra, Australia

CHLOE  —  #1 in Sheffield, England and Queensland, Australia

DARYNA  —  #5 in Ukraine

ELLIE —  #1 in Derry, Northern Ireland

EMILIA  —  #2 in Finland

EVA—  #8 in Northern Ireland

EVIE—  #4 in Sheffield, England

ISLA — #2 In Aberdeenshire, Scotland

JOVANA  —  #4 in Serbia

KATIE –#1 in Northern Ireland

KAYLEE — #5 in Flagstaff, Arizona

LÉA  —  #2 in France

LEXI  —    #1 in Newcastle, England

LIEKE  —  #3 in Netherlands

LILLIAN  —   #9 in West Michigan

LILOU  —  #10 in France

LILY  —  #1 in South Yorkshire, England

LORE  —  #1 in Flemish Belgium

LOTTE —  #4 in Flemish Belgium, #7 in Netherlands

MAISIE—fastest rising girls’ name in a UK survey

MANON  —  #3 in France

MILIKA  —  #1 in Serbia

NOOR  —  # 5 in Flemish Belgium

OCÉANE  —  #9 in France

RIN—  #1 on a Japanese survey

SANNE  —  #5 in Netherlands

SAKURA  #2 on a Japanese survey

SIENNA  —  #8 in Australia

TEODORA  —  #3 in Serbia


ANGEL —  #3 in Arizona

CALLUM —  #10 in Scotland

CARTER —  #3 in West Michigan

CHARLIE  —  #8 in Northern Ireland, #1 in South Yorkshire, England

CONNOR  —  #9 in Flagstaff, Arizona

COOPER — #4 in Australia, #1 in Queensland

DAAN  —  #1 in Netherlands

ELIJAH —  #4 in Tennessee

HARRY  — #1 in Sheffield, England

HIROTO–#1 in Japan

HUGO  —  #5 in France

JACKSON — #8 in Tennessee

JUHANI  — #1 in Finland

KAI—  # 5 in Newcastle, England

KOBE  —  #2 in  Flemish Belgium

LACHLAN  —  #2 in Canberra, Australia

LARS —  #1 in Flemish Belgium

LAZAR  —  #1 in Serbia

LEWIS — #2 in Scotland

LUKA  —  #3 in Serbia

MAKSYM  —  #2 in Ukarine

MOHAMMED —  #1 in Peterborough, England

NAZAR  #1 in Ukraine

NIKOLA  —  #2 in Serbia

OLAVI —  #5 in Finland

RYAN–#1 in Paisley, Scotland

SEM  —  #2 in Netherlands

THIJS  —  #6 in Netherlands (pron. Tice, and used by Matt Lauer for his son)

WYATT  —  #7 in Flagstaff, Arizona

And just to show that alternative spellings are alive and well, in one hospital in Iowa where Olivia was #1, there were also girls named Alivia, Alivya, Oliviah and Alyvia–as well as babies called Cadilac, John Wayne, Thunder and Starrie.



And welcome to the newest member of the nameberry community, SARIAH RAQUEL, born on December 18th to rkarczynski (aka Raquel).

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