Multiple Multiples on June Baby Announcements!

Multiple Multiples on June Baby Announcements!

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Some really striking names appeared in the Baby Name Announcement forums in June, with berries outdoing themselves in creativity. This includes twins named Caspian and Melisande, Cassius and Emilia, Finnick and Thor, and Keir and Solomon. Not to mention triplets with unusual names all starting with U.

And speaking of Emilia, there were two of them this month (could it be the Emilia Clarke GoT influence?)—moving in on cousins Emily, Emma and Amelia.

Here’s the complete list of June baby names chosen by berries, with some of their backstories:


Caroline Shannon

“We loved the sweet, feminine sound of Caroline which fit in with our classic style of naming. Shannon is my middle name.”

Cora Adeline ‘Auli’i, sister of Jameson Michael Ka’ehukai

“My family has a tradition of giving one ‘regular’ middle name and one Hawaiian ….As for her Hawaiian name, my aunt helped pick it out, as she does all the babies in the family. We did it the ‘traditional’ way this time, by waiting until she was born to pick something that fit her. In Hawaiian, ‘Auli’I means ‘dainty, which perfectly matches her sweet little personality.”

Cosima Violet, sister of Charlize Vienna and Clothilde Alexa (Clover)

“We didn’t aim for giving her a C name, but we found Cosima last minute and it stole our hearts.”

Elisabeth Story (called Ellis), sister of Harlyn (‘Harley’) Annabelle

We chose Story for the middle name after the tiny town in Indiana where we were married.”

Emilia Caroline Lyra, sister of Alexander William Locke and Lily Seraphina Primrose

Emilia Florence Pearl, twin of Cassius Theodore River

Emilia is romantic and feminine, a great alternative to the overused Amelia, and also a way to honor my grandmother, Emily. Florence is after the beautiful Italian city, where my husband and I went on holiday when I was pregnant. Pearl is Emilia’s birthstone, which symbolizes the month of June.”

Esther Margaret Laura (Esssie), sister of Stewart, Gilbert, Adaline, John Henry, and Ceridwen

“We loved the soft yet spunky sound of Esther and her double-barrel name in the middle are both family names.”

Georgina Pearl (Georgie), sister of Sylvia Thomas (Sylvie), Josephine May (Josie) and Matilda June (Tillie)

Greer Ann, sister of Colin Duff

Jericho Caroliena Amal, sister of Leonidas Alexander Sanad and Theron Saudok Khayne

“My husband and I visited this city in Israel a few years ago. It’s the site of several important events in the Bible.

Josephine Poppy, sister of Edmund James

“My husband and I picked out this name in 2013 with our first team green little, who turned out to be Edmund James. We have both been enamoured with the name ever since.”

Mabel Aisling Pansy, sister of Rose Beatrix Alice

Aisling was a nod to my husband’s Irish family, with a meaning I love. Pansy is an honour name for my grandmother, since it was both her favourite flower and her middle name.”

Melisande Freyja, twin of Caspian Mars, sister of Andromeda Maeve

“Freyja was an honour name for both my grandmother, a lover of all things Norse, and my partner’s grandmother, who was named Freja.”

Olive Marie, sister of Lucy Maude and Etta Grace

“We love the meaning and significance of Olive—peace, victory, and abundance…olive trees flourish in the dry rocky soil where little else will grow and that is our prayer of blessing for this daughter of ours.”

Penelope Matilda, sister of Izabella Juliette, Holden Elliott, Sawyer Everett and Milo Elias

Skye Liv, sister of Alice

We chose her first name as an homage to my husband’s Scottish roots and our love of nature, the Isle of Skye is known for. We chose her middle name Liv as representative of this time and place in our lives—an American family living in Sweden.

Sylvie Erica Wren, sister of Cade Oliver Ivan, Lilac Ariella Eve and Marina Orietta Flor

Urraca Blossom, triplet of Ulysses Duke and Utopia May

Utopia May, triplet of Urraca Blossom and Ulysses Duke

Violet Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth is my middle name (and a family name) and Rose was one of my husband’s favourite names. I realize we used two floral names, but I’m not bothered because I love floral names! Plus, there’s a cute connection: my birth flower is a violet and hers is a rose.”

Violette Joy (Lettie), sister of Arden Jessica, Maxwell Isaac and Melody Rose

“Middle name Joy is for my grandmother (and if I’m being super corny, it’s for the joy she’s brought us.) Also, I like that Arden and Lettie both have matching middles and Max and Melody have matching firsts.

Willow Graci, sister of Carson Michael

Graci is in honor of my father who passed away a few years ago. His name was Craig and Graci (sounds like Gracie) is an anagram of Craig.”

Zafira Lark


Calvin Theo, brother of Ronan Sebastian

Ronan wanted to name the baby Leo, so we compromised on Theo as a middle name. He was thrilled to be involved in the decision.”

Casper Adrian Wilde, brother of Phoenix Morgan Louis

“We wanted something unusual but easy to spell, and my fiancé and I both fell in love with Casper. Adrian is to honor my father and Wilde is a little play on just how calm this child was through my whole pregnancy, plus a gorgeous name.”

Caspian Mars, twin of Melisande Freyja and brother of Andromeda Maeve

Mars was chosen because of my love of space, and my partner’s love of the classic mythology. We also liked that it tied all three children’s names to each other, with all three being named after a god from a different mythology.”

Cassius Theodore River, twin of Emilia Florence Pearl

“Originally we wanted to name our son Henry, but I fell in love with the lovely romantic Cassius. Theodore was our second favourite name, and River is because we’re nature lovers!”

Clark Edwin

“We wanted a one-syllable name that is not overly common but not trendy, and my husband and I are both drawn to older names, Clark fit the bill perfectly. Our last name also has a strong ‘cl’ sound so we wanted a middle name with a softer sound. I also like that Edwin comes from the same era as Clark.”

Declan Harvey

“We kept his middle name a secret until he was born because we didn’t wish to hear what we expected to be mixed reviews.”

Gabriel John, brother of Paul, Clare, Mark, Katharine, James and Andrew

“The name nerd of me does love that each member of the family will continue to have their own first initial.”

Ignatius Peter, brother of Raphael David

“A few years ago we heard the name Ignatius during a sermon….Ignatius means “fiery”…I happen to have a tattoo that mens “fiery” in Irish.

Keir Julian, twin of Solomon Felix and brother of Blythe Lavender

“Keir is a variant spelling of a family surname on my husband’s side, and holds the meaning darkness. We loved the yin and yang connection for our twins, and the implication that they complete each other….Julian…provides the final virtue connection for our sibset, meaning youthful.”

Sebastian James

Solomon Felix, twin of Keir Julian and brother of Blythe Lavender

“In keeping with their sister’s name, we wanted our twin names to have a virtue element and a natural world connection. Solomon means peaceful and Felix means fortunate, so he has virtues well and truly covered. His first name will be shortened to Sol, providing the natural element”

Soren Arthur, brother of Adeia Marguerite

Ulysses Duke, triplet of Urraca Blossom and Utopia May

What’s your favorite name, first-middle combo, sibset?

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