Great Celebrity Grandbaby Names

July 9, 2019 Linda Rosenkrantz

by Linda Rosenkrantz

We’re all fascinated—and sometimes gobsmacked—by the names some celebrities choose (or create) for their children.

But what happens with the next generation? Do these starbabies then choose more conventional names for their kids—or are they as creative as their parents were?

The evidence below shows that it’s often the latter. You’ll see grandbaby girls named Rio, Rocket, Slate, Callaway and Ezra—the latter being Mick Jagger’s GREAT-granddaughter– and twin boys named Falcon and Riot.

For the most part, I only chose one to a customer, though it was sometimes hard to pick the most unique (looking at you, Diana Ross).


ADAH, granddaughter of Jessica Lange and Mikhail Baryshnikov, via daughter Shura

ASSISI, granddaughter of Mick Jagger, via JadeMick also has a great-granddaughter names EZRA

CALLAWAY, granddaughter of Diana Ross, via Chudney

CLEMENTINE, granddaughter of Mary Steenburgen, via Lily

DELILAH, granddaughter of Rod Stewart, via Kimberly

ELEVEN, granddaughter of Snoop Dog, via Cordé

FEURY MAE, granddaughter of Bob Dylan, via Jesse

GUILIANA, granddaughter of Harrison Ford, via Willard

GWENDOLYN, granddaughter of Garth Brooks, via August

JERZEY, granddaughter of Whoopi Goldberg, via Alex

JOSIE, granddaughter of James Caan, via Scott

LENA, granddaughter of Robert Redford, via James

LUA IZZY, granddaughter of Michael Douglas, via Cameron

LUNA, daughter of Charlie Sheen, via Cassandra

MIEL, granddaughter of Joan Collins, via Tara

MINNIE THEODORA, granddaughter of Ozzy Osbourne, via Jack

POPPY JAMES, granddaughter of Kate Capshaw, via Jessica

PRUDENCE, granddaughter of Emmy Lou Harris

RIO, granddaughter of Goldie Hawn, via Oliver

ROCKET JADE, granddaughter of Marie Osmond, via Rachael

SLATE, granddaughter of John Mellencamp, via Teddi (shown)

TALLULAH, granddaughter of Maggie Smith, via son Toby Stephens

VERONICA, granddaughter of Ryan O’Neal, via Patrick

VIDA, granddaughter of Jane Fonda, via Vanessa


ACE, grandson of Henry Winkler, via Zoe

AKIRA ROGUE, grandson of Sting, via Mickey

BECKETT, grandson of Paul McCartney, via Stella

BODHI, grandson of Carly Simon, via Sally

DARWIN, grandson of Erica Jong, via Molly Jong-Fast

DASHIELL, grandson of Sean Connery, via Jason

DUKE—grandson of Jack Nicholson, via Jennifer

FALCON (twin of Riot), grandsons of Alice Cooper, via Dash

LEANDRO, grandson of Robert De Niro, via Drena

LUCIAN, grandson of Nicolas Cage, via Weston

MAJOR, grandson of Susan Sarandon, via Eva

OGDEN, grandson of Sally Field, via Peter

ORSON, grandson of Beau Bridges, via Jordan

ROCK, grandson of Ringo Starr, via Jason (Ringo also has a great-grandson named Stone)

RONIN, grandson of Isabella Rossellini, via Elettra

SAILOR, grandson of Steven Tyler, via Liv

SPARROW, grandson of Lionel Richie, via Nicole

TITAN, grandson of Clint Eastwood, via Francesca

TRUMAN, grandson of Martha Stewart, via Alexa

VITTORIO, grandson of Sophia Loren, via Carlo Ponti, Jr,

WHISTLER, grandson of Blythe Danner (yes, in addition to Apple and Moses), via Jake Paltrow

ZEPHANIAH, grandson of Lauryn Hill, via Zion

So which generation do you think did better?


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