Girl Twin Names: What would you choose?

It’s a name nerd’s fantasy: Naming twin girls.

You want two girls’ names that are compatible yet distinct, that are consistent in style and image and gender identity yet sound no more alike than the names of sisters.

The most popular names for girl twins range from the top of the charts Olivia and Sophia to cutesy pairs such as Faith and Hope or Heaven and Neveah to sound-alikes Ella and Emma.  But we know you can do better than that.

Our choice might be Susannah and Marguerite, united because they both have secret flower meanings (lily and daisy) and are both classic names that lie outside the Top 1000.  But we can think of so many other pairs we might choose, and definitely would have fun exploring the options as thoroughly as possible.

But what about you?  What would you name twin girls and why?

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