Best D Names for Girls

Best D Names for Girls

Girl names that start with D are surprisingly far and few between, with none making the Top 100 in recent years. The only D name coming close is Delilah, which is 135 in the US. Yes, the era of Debby and Diane and Danielle as girl baby names is long over.

But why? There are dozens of delightful D names for girls that deserve more use. Here we highlight some of the best D names for girls today.


An offbeat flower name (it’s the national flower of Mexico), Dahlia is one of the most attractive D name choices for girls. She feels feminine, a touch whimsical, and even somewhat dark from the Black Dahlia association. On the national popularity list since 1906, Dahlia is now at its highest point ever — Number 309.


In Greek Mythology, Daphne was a nymph who was transformed into a laurel tree in order to escape unwanted pursuits from the god Apollo. Daphne is a retro choice that is currently experiencing a revival, making her one of the most stylish D names for girls today.


This stylish unisex name of Irish and French origin is fresh and ready for revival on the girls' side. Darcy feels upbeat and cheerful, contrary to one of her meanings of "dark one."


If you enjoy the sounds of Maya, Kaya, and Raya but want something more unique, consider Daya. This Hindi name with the endearing meaning of "compassionate" can be pronounced either "Dy-ah" or "Day-ah". Character Daya Diaz in the show Orange is the New Black shined a light on this simplistic yet stand-out choice.


Simple and sweet, we are shocked that Della isn't more popular than she is. With Ella, Bella, Stella, and the rest of their large extended family taking off in popularity in recent years, Della should be an obvious crowd favorite. On the contrary, Della has remained a rare choice that feels fresh and vintage.

Top D Names for Girls in the US


A gorgeous French name with a soigné, sea-swept image — it means dolphin — Delphine is another name that hasn’t been widely used for about 75 years. The flower Delphinium, a bluebell-like flower, as well as ties to the ancient city of Delphi, all add to Delphine's attraction. Delphi is an appealing alternative name with even less use today.


This Greek girl name meaning "half" has two significant celebrity namesakes who have brought her into the limelight. Demi Moore's fame first pushed the name Demi into the Top 1000 in the 90s, and today's younger generation likely associates the name with former Disney star Demi Lovato. Today this sweet name sits at number 366 in the US, making Demi familiar, but not overdone.


This name of the National Park in Alaska featuring the highest mountain in the US has gained traction in recent years. The name Denali was bestowed upon the mountain by the indigenous people of Alaska and became the official name of the mountain in 2014. Today Denali is an attractive unisex choice that feels particularly fashionable for girls.


A completely undiscovered lovely and lyrical Greek name meaning "divine flower" — a mythical flower associated with Zeus — making Diantha far more distinctive than either Diana or Samantha.


Where has Dinah been hiding since 1966, I often wonder? A neglected Old Testament name featured in the popular folk song lyrics, "Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah". Dinah was worn by two great songbirds — Dinah Washington and Dinah Shore — both of whom adopted the name themselves.

Unique Girl Names That Start with D


The D is silent, as in the boy name Django, bringing it into the cool "ju-" sound family, along with Jude, Juniper, Juno, etc. And it has impeccable literary cred via novelist Djuna Barnes. Djuna Barnes' novel Nightwood is a lesbian cult classic, making Djuna a revolutionary queer and feminist icon.


The more flowing and romantic version of Dorothy is very much in tune with our times, especially with the appealing short form Thea — and yet this once high-ranking appellation hasn’t been heard from since 1970. We take heart though that this name of the admirable heroine of Middlemarch does rate on the Nameberry list.


Like Wren and Lark, this soft and gentle bird name — also an international symbol of peace — has been used more often as a middle name, but it could easily move into first place. Dove could actually be found among the Top 1000 names around the turn of the last century, as high as Number 628 in 1880. Former Disney star Dove Cameron brought this name into the spotlight for the younger generation today.


A quirky and quaint vintage feminissima name that made a brief appearance in the pop charts of the early 1900s. Seen as a great beauty in the New Testament, Drusilla has also appeared in the works of Thomas Hardy and William Faulkner, and as a vampire in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Alternative spelling Drucilla is also a great option. Bonus: The cute, modernizing nickname Dru.


This vintage nickname is quite literally as sweet as they come. Dulcie dates all the way back to the Roman Empire, originally short for Dulcibella. She made an appearance in the US popularity charts in the late 1800s, but today Dulcie is an endearing option given to only a handful of babies each year.

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