Native American; Italian variation of Jerome
"sacred name"

Geronimo Origin and Meaning

The name Geronimo is a boy's name of Italian, Native American origin.

This name of a renowned Apache leader and mystic would be a difficult choice, since it was used as a rallying cry in so many old westerns and by paratroopers jumping out of their planes in World War II.

Famous People Named Geronimo

  • GeronimoNative American Apache leader
  • Elmer "Geronimo" PrattAmerican civil rights leader
  • Geronimo "Gerry" PeñalosaFilipino boxer
  • Jérôme Philippe "Geronimo" Le BannerFrench kickboxer

Geronimo in Pop Culture

  • Geronimo Stiltonchildren's book character about the title mouse
  • MescaleroChiricahua: "the one who yawns"
  • "Geronimo"song by Sheppard
  • Catchphrase of the eleventh incarnation of The Doctorplayed by Matt Smith, on BBC's television show Doctor Who