December Babyberries: Auburn, Atlas & Ember

December Babyberries: Auburn, Atlas & Ember

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Our final roundup of babyberries announced in 2016 includes some wonderful choices of December baby names.

There were two sets of girl-girl twins: Caroline Anais and Kathleen Amelie, and Quincy Crew and Sloane Shaefer.

Inspirations included beloved ancestors and friends, songs, astrology, and a painting. I love the constellation-themed sibset of Orion, Cassiopeia, Lyra and Caelum paired with nature-world middles Bay, Willow, Maple and Ocean. Another great sibset: Atlas and Archer.Congrats to all!


Amy Kaia

Auburn Charlotte Wilda

We finally chose 3 honour names and all concerned are so touched I would not change it for the world. I feel as if she will have so many godmother figures.”

Beatrice Noel, sister of Meredith Jaymes, Nolan Curtis and Felicity Quinn

Bea is named after her 94-year-old great grandmother, who is tickled pink about her namesake…Her middle name was chosen by our 5-year-old son Nolan, who needed a special job to help him adjust to the idea of three sisters. He loves that it starts with the same letters as his name and he loves the song “The First Noel” so it’s perfect for our December baby.”

Caroline Anais (“Carlie”), twin of Kathleen Amelie

“Both girls share “A” middle names that are French in origin which I think ties their names together perfectly.”

Cecelia Carol (“Cece”), sister of Jacob, Ramsay and Ashton

Elsa Luna

Ember Venezia Paulette, sister of Magnus Stellan Christopher

“We chose Ember because of her zodiac sign Sagittarius, Venezia inspired by the saint of that day, St. Venantius and Paulette because her father’s name is Paul and she looks like a little Paul.”

Helena NoraKate, sister of Ari Andreas, Christopher Augustus and Max Alcibiades

Ingrid Amy

Amy was the easy part: named after my best friend and other soulmate. Ingrid was trickier. We wanted a Swedish name to represent my heritage but, having grown up with a Swedish name that always requires an explanation of pronunciation, I wanted something that Americans can easily figure out. That ruled out our favorite name Inga….So, after spending the post-partum time in the hospital filling a dry-erase board with name options and soliciting opinions from ever person who walked by, we went with Ingrid.”

Kathleen AmelieLena”, twin of Caroline Anais

“In the end I chose Kathleen to honor my mother and Caroline as an honor to my father whose name was Carl.”

Margery Dansard

Margo Juniper

Quincy Crew, twin of Sloane Shaefer, sister of Channing Klein

“We like the possibility of the nickname Quinn for her. Crew was the name that my husband had his heart set on for a boy. Since there will be no more babies for us, we decided to go ahead and use if for our baby girl.”

Ruby Clementine

Sloane Shaefer, twin of Quincy Crew and sister of Channing Klein

Sloane was my husband’s favorite name and it soon grew on me too. Shaefer is a name that I saw on a painting in an ice cream parlor when I was a little girl. I’ve loved it since then. We considered it for a first name, but felt like it was a little too harsh for the first spot, so decided on it for a middle instead.


Atlas Fraser, brother of Archer Cohen Bear

“We chose Fraser to honor his wonderful great grandmother, it’s her maiden name. We came across Atlas by chance and it suits him so perfectly!”

Ellis Andrew, brother of Finn

Orion Bay, brother of Cassiopeia Willow, Lyra Maple and Caelum Ocean

“His first name follows our constellation theme, and his middle our nature theme.”

Oscar Joseph

“Named for a grandfather and brother on one side and an uncle on the other (thank you, Catholic naming traditions, for making naming after family an efficient business)…we love watching him respond when we call him the name we so carefully chose.”

What are your favorite names, first-middle combos and sibsets?

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Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz

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