December Babyberries: Apollo Alan and Penny-Lane Brenda

December Babyberries: Apollo Alan and Penny-Lane Brenda

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Congratulations and welcome to all the beautifully named babyberries born in December, and thanks to their parents for posting and sharing their December baby name stories.

More boys than girls this month and just one set of multiples, who carry on the family tradition of double first names (two of the more unusual names reported):

PennyLane Brenda and PriscillaLorraine Joy

The other girls:

Adleigh Lyn, sister of Laine Mackenzie

“Adleigh means ‘my ornament’ –a cute meaning for our Dec snowflake. It was important for us to find a mostly uncommon name that still felt familiar and had the option of a common nickname”

Alexandra Joan (Alea)

“It was an open adoption and I learned upon meeting the family that the big sister had been calling the baby Aaliyah throughout the pregnancy. I liked the sound of the name but it wasn’t quite my style for a given name…I realized that the spelling Alea could work as a nickname for Alexandra, which I’ve always loved, Joan is in honor of my mother.”

Anne Marcella, sister of Margaret Ruth

Audrey Sofia, sister of twins Oliver Graham and Luke Axel

“As much as I loved the name Eleanor, we let the strength she had shown throughout my pregnancy (she surprised me with definitive kicks at only 11 weeks and things only increased from there) as well as her older brother’s opinion influence our ultimate choice in favor of Audrey.”

Celeste Barbara, sister of Leo and Catalina

Clover Mildred, sister of Miriam Nicole, Cowen Timothy, Emeline Beckie, Eli Wilford, Harriet Franceszka and Oskar John.

“All of the kids have family middles. Mildred is my grandmother’s name, a name that I think is worth dusting off. It has solidity and history.”

Cora Lynn, sister of Caiden James

My Great-grandmother was named Cora…her grandmother and mother both have the middle name Lynn.”

Emilia Holland

Esme Lena, sister of Jude Martin

Hope Cora, sister of sister if Ellie Bea and Anna Rose

When I got pregnant …we knew if a girl Hope would be part of her name. We thought at first a middle name. After months of trying to find the perfect first name my husband looked at me and said, “Why not Hope? It is the only name we can agree on and love.” From that moment we knew she was going to be called Hope…I like that all my girls names have five letters or less.

Isabelle Rosemary Therese, sister of Mia Margaret

Liliana Frances, sister of Vittoria Magdalena, Chiara Agnes and Lorenzo Valentino IV

Matilda Clementine Eira

“ We love Matilda (nn Tillie) and chose Clementine as putting Clementines in a Christmas stocking is an old tradition back home (UK) and Eira as a second Christmassy name. Eira is a Welsh name meaning ‘snow’ and baby’s granddad is Welsh.”

Michaela Bélen, sister of Florina Carmen

“Bélen is the Spanish name of the city Bethlehem, where my dad once travelled to. That trip is still his favorite, so Bélen seemed like a great name to give her.”

Penelope Annabelle, sister of Veda

“We call her Poppy most of the time, but I think Penelope will be so lovely for her to grow into…Her middle name, Annabelle, is after my husband’s mother, which turned out to be perfect as Poppy is the first grandchild to inherit her gorgeous red hair. Veda’s middle name, Lorraine, is after my mother and I love that small connection their names share as sisters and that two of the most important and involved women in their lives are both represented.”

PennyLane Brenda, twin sister of Priscilla-Lorrain Joy,, sister of SadieElizabeth

“It is a tradition in my family for everybody to have 2 first names, my name is RebekahLorraine.”

Priscilla–**Lorraine Joy,** twin sister of PennyLane Brenda

Rose Clementine, sister of Leo Xavier, Henry Jude and Oscar Noel

“It was lovely being able to use some girls names after naming three beautiful boys.”

Ruby Aveline, sister of Lincoln Aaron, Ivan Erastus, Adelia May and Oliver Michael

We liked Ruby because it’s a gem stone just like mine, only more sassy and timeless. So she’s named after her mom in a roundabout way.”

Vivianne Grace Pope, sister of Everett Paul, Penelope Douglas and Thomas Quinn

“We took one look at her and knew her name,”


Aaron Joel, brother of Elijah Dominic and Violet Serena

Apollo Allan

“We wanted a name that was strong yet romantic and Apollo fit perfectly for us. Allan is his father and grandfather’s middle name so we decided to keep the tradition going; it’s a bonus that the name means handsome.”

Errol Shepherd, brother of Casimir Wesley and Miette Faye

Gatsby Mason

“After very mixed feedback from nameberry on the name Gatsby we are happy and confident with our decision. DH is a literature major and wrote his thesis on The Great Gatsby and Mason has the same meaning as my maiden name.”

Henry Hamish

Jude Shepherd, brother of Isaac Harrison and Selah May.

Nikolai Larion, brother of Vaughn Larion

Reid Henry, brother of Flynn Raymond

“My husband picked out the name from a list of first and middles that I chose through nameberry.”

Rhodes Samuel Grant

William Miles

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Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz

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